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Final Fantasy XIV is a notable entry to the genre but only for what it lacks. It lacks character; bare-bones quests and audiovisual repetition fail to instill a sense of fantasy wonder. It lacks cohesion; communication failures, economic oddities, and stringent limitations leave you constantly directionless. And it lacks joy; the abysmal interface and boring monsters make it a struggle to stay invested. The open-ended classes, the stunning graphics engine, the focus on story--these elements deserve rightful praise. It's a shame they weren't put to use in a game worthy of the Final Fantasy brand. Certainly, Final Fantasy XIV will improve as features are added, yet the failures go beyond the superficial. Updates may address a multitude of flaws, but "fun" is not a feature that can be added with a simple patch.

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pwnd_of_lol5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

I want the old Square Enix back, the old company that settled for nothing less than quality in this gen..

Dread5027d ago

that was when it was Square Soft
since they merged with Enix it went down hill fast.

ELite_Ghost5027d ago

yea I don't think they're coming back, they're swimming in that pool of cash :S

pwnd_of_lol5027d ago

I mean an MMO on a console? Somehow this doesn't sit well with me. As we all know with the exception of WoW for some reason MMo's=auto fail. Should we boycott FF14 just to ensure SE loses money and listens to what people want..

meganick5027d ago

I used to love Square back in the SNES and PS1 era. Since then, they've just lost their way, and they're now one of my least favorite developers/publishers. I hope they can get their shit together and go back to greatness.

Megaton5027d ago

I don't think they've made a single game I enjoyed this gen. They're completely off my radar at this point. If someone submits something about Versus XIII I might click it, but I'm certainly not tracking it. I honestly don't think they've got the talent to make good games anymore. Nomura might be the only exception, but what can one man possibly do to build something of quality in a garbage heap?

Sarcasm5027d ago

Not surprised after seeing some videos online. *sigh* Enix sucks balls more and more.

lastdual5027d ago

Eh, people are complaining about Enix, but the Dragon Quest games have actually been one of the few bright spots in SE's recent history.

It's not the merger that's to blame for their downfall, it's an overall design philosophy that has abandoned what they were best at (creating traditional, turn-based RPGs with towns and dungeons that were actually worth exploring).

ChineseDemocracy5027d ago

Portable games have been great, everything else is rotten.

bviperz5027d ago

I think we all want the Square Enix back. I hope FF XIII brings back that loving feeling. Whoa, that loving feeling. Because it's gone, gone, gone, whoa...

DelbertGrady5027d ago

Sounds like Square Enix needs an interaction designer.

Myze5027d ago


Well, Squenix seems to be terrible at making anything other than handhelds right now. The reason is simple: they are trying to cater to the western market. Wada has said so many times.

As for the Dragon Quest series, there have only been two from Squenix. 8, by far the superior of the two (although 9 is very good, but again, a handheld game), wasn't even made by Squenix. It was outsorced to Level5, and we know they can make good games.

ABizzel15027d ago

give it time, the game will get better. Most MMO launch's are underwhelming, and with time they become a lot better.

bakasora5027d ago

Good job gamespot and $quareenix. Just continue pissing people off $E

Danteh5027d ago

How the mighty have falllen...

First Rare and now Squeenix

Damn :(

Duxer5027d ago

I agree and dream of a better Square that was before.

Johnson411015027d ago

You mean you want SquareSoft back.

gman_moose5027d ago

After 2 weeks = fail.

However, they did say something that stuck with me.

"fun can't simply be added in a patch"

nickjkl5027d ago

who reviews an mmo when its realeased all mmos fail on day one

a proper review cant be made util after you have played all classes of all clans up to a respectable level

and after the bug and content patches since if you were to release a game with all content originally planned you could cause bugs and not know where to start sorting them out

Reibooi5027d ago

There goes whatever credibility Gamespot had left. Seriously Notice that NO OTHER site has had a review yet. Why? Um... it's a MMO. It takes a really long time to accurately review a MMO.

The only way this reviewer got enough play time in to have a review is if they are counting both the closed and open beta as well as the final release which is a no no in reviewing.

It's a really fun game but there are enough issues currently that it bogs down certain aspects but these will be fixed as SE has already mentioned they have plans. If I was to review it I would probably give it a 6 or 7 until the main issues are fixed.

Perkel5027d ago

@ Above

Gamespot review is quite good IMO. Users give even less (like 35% in recent news)

Wada must be absolutly fired. He don't know what gamers like.

He is second Kot(d)ick

MisterNiwa5027d ago (Edited 5027d ago )

There is no need to even question it, these day's everything with Square Enix written on it is bad, to everyone.

They don't need a truth, let them think what they want.
The game is great and fun, I am somehow happy that this game isn't for everyone since the people in it are more fun to deal with instead of WoW where most people are stupid and can't quit to play it.

Even though I have to wait for the PS3 release to yet again play it, I enjoyed a fair time with it in the beta's.

Final Fantasy XIII aswell, is a great game, but people are filled with too much hatred to admit it. No open world? The story goes on too fast? It's too straight? Only one corridor to run to archieve the end?
Seriously, if these facts were valid back then, then Final Fantasy X would've been the greatest flop on the PS2.

People this gen need to get their head out of their arses.

Every disagree will only make me feel good as it proofs that I am right, and every agree will make me feel better because I know that someone understands what I feel.

Solotov5026d ago (Edited 5026d ago )

"The reason is simple: they are trying to cater to the western market."

If that is true, then why is Bethesda Game Studios, BioWare, & Blizzard's RPGs so good?

Reibooi5026d ago

The one thing that blows me away about the video review is that it seems as if it was done by someone who did nothing but look at forums and message boards and see what people were complaining about and then talked about what he read for a video review.

And the whole thing seems like a person with a vendetta who doesn't want people to play a game at all costs as opposed to a opinion.

There was no "If you like this or that then maybe you can look past some issues to enjoy the game" It was nothing but "DON"T PLAY THIS GAME" which is the most retarded thing a review can do.

A review is a opinion but isn't supposed to force it's opinion upon you. The ideal review lists the good and the bad and then lets the reader/player decide if the game is right for them.

I hate to do this but comparing this pile of crap review to the giant one in progress at IGN(yeah I know not much better) is night and day. The guy doing the IGN one has a ton of issues with the game but lists tons about the game he likes as well and no where does he flat out say don't play it. He is going far deeper into the game then this person ever did.(or at least I assume so based on this review.)

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Joule5027d ago

Square sucks at making games now, maybe they can redeem themselves with FFVXIII.