Haze - Sloppy seconds and new details

At all times as a rebel, it's your job to figure out how to use Mantel's precious nectar against them, be it by:

1. Shooting the drug administration canister on their backs to make the soldiers overdose and go berserk.
2. Killing the soldiers and taking their drug packs, quickly modifying the technology into a grenade to make the soldiers overdose and go berserk.
3. Stabbing soldiers with a haze-covered knife to make the soldiers overdose and go berserk.

You being to wonder why the rebels can only induce control the flow of drugs one way, despite using just about every weapon at their disposal. Why isn't drug withdrawal an issue in multiplayer? Why can't the rebels grab a haze pack before killing a Mantel soldier, rendering his opposition's aim shaky, strength lower and susceptibility to damage higher?

Maybe a Mantel soldier, finding his stash pickpocketed, could have a set time to find a spare haze pack before they found themselves temporarily incapacitated, you know, for a helpless living corpse humping. Because that's what we mean by evolving the FPS genre.

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power of Green 4074d ago

Seems like it sucks ass and the review has a light sugar coating flavor to it. Have always thought this was a rent.

toughNAME4074d ago

after the immature sh!t they pulled with Bungie...they dont deserve my - asking a friend to borrow it when it comes out, cuz he bought it and thought it was a total waste

see? not even worth a rent!

AllroundGamer4073d ago

fanboys, fanboys, whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do, when they come for you... :D

JasonPC360PS3Wii4073d ago

The same Sony droids in here defending Haze are the same Droids that hate UBI and say they are being payed by MS. Thats a Sony mind for ya, don't know how to act anymore after losing the console crown. What must hurt em more is even as they praise this game for being on the PS3, LOL we still get it. I think UBI is smart sell Haze on the PS3 while waiting for the dust to clear from this holiday seasons AAA blockbusters "that are only on the 360" because all the Sony games have scored crapy 6s and 7s. Sorry Sony fans just not your gen, guess that "next gen don't start untill you say it does" came around to bite you in your ass.