Jack Thompson Stops By Attack of the Show

On tonight's episode of G4's Attack of the Show, with the lovely Olivia Munn, Jack Thompson was involved in a round table, with X-Play's Adam Sessler and GameDaily CEO Mark Friedler, in which he ranted about the forthcoming Rockstar title Bully.The funny thing is he claims that the game will further violence amongst children when the game actually, and contrary to earlier reports, has the player assume the role of the bullied kid who has to fight back and be a good person in the game.

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benihya5390d ago

I do not like Jack Thompson, but they should have giving him the chance to speak. Adam sasler was speaking to fast
about nothing just like a little girl.
and the whole thing was less than 8mins.
Attack of the show sucks and that was going to be the first serious issue on the show but nooo they cut him off as if they had something better next.