Battlefield Bad Company 2 Heads to iPhone

EA is set to bring its successful console-based war shooter Battlefield Bad Company 2 to Apple's iPhone and iPod touch this November.

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bananasNmonkeys4496d ago


Just kidding.

bananasNmonkeys4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Oh and btw this is more evidence that apples iDevices are the best portable games consoles on the market.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Flame on! lol

The iTouch is the best PMP but gaming....?? couple more years and they'll be in the running.

ChronoJoe4496d ago (Edited 4496d ago )

Won't happen in couple more years either.

Aside maybe for selected genres. Some will work some won't, the future isn't with buttons so there are too many genres that simply won't in any foreseeable future on touch focused portable devices.

rajman4496d ago

Instead of making new maps they were working on the iPhoone port lol

ChronoJoe4496d ago

Not a port.

You can see relatively obviously it's built from near enough the ground up, also looks like it's on rails or incredibly linear. (arrow at the top and time limit suggest this).

It's just a cash in. Not that, that means it can't be enjoyable in it's own right though.

PENGUINKK4495d ago

You mean instead of getting FREAKIN BATTLEFIELD 1943 on the PC! I've had a preorder on that for over half a year and it's still not here.

Apotheosize4496d ago

Wow congratulations DICE, now get back to work on BF3

Torunkz4495d ago

YESSSSSS!!! THIS ^^^^^^^^^

Capdastaro4496d ago

Show some love for Android dammit!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon4496d ago

DICE is on a roll. :P I'm going to love playing BFBC2 on my iPod Touch 4G! Online multiplayer baby! whoo

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The story is too old to be commented.