Halo 3 - T.V 3 News Segment (New Zealand)

Videogame fans are counting down the launch of Microsoft's Halo 3 in just over a month and some are tipping first day sales will blow away competition.

Spiderman 3 holds the biggest opening day record after taking in $212 million but many think Halo 3 will beat that, and New Zealand will be the first country to play.

Halo 2 made $180 million on its first day, proving the console market is up there with the music and movie industries.

120 people have been working for 3 years on Halo 3 and during that time they estimate they have consumed around 9000 pounds of pizza and 90,000 litres of fizzy drink.

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marionz4165d ago

yeap us in new zealand will be the first in the world to play this game! ill let everyone know how good it is when it comes out!

NewZealander4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Only cos of the time zone tho, but 12 hours before US sweet :)

The Chief of Mjolnir4165d ago

Aww, man, I´ll get it a whole day after you guys! That sucks!