Sony's Dave Karraker Responds To July PS3 NPD Numbers

Yesterday, Dave Karraker made a bold prediction about sales figures for video game consoles that were due out today. Sony said it was confident the figures would show that in July its PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360, made by its chief rival, Microsoft.

The actual figures from NPD Group, a market research firm, did not bear this out. For the record, NPD reported domestic sales of 425,000 Nintendo Wiis, 170,000 Xbox 360s and 159,000 PlayStation 3s in July.

Dave Karraker, the Sony spokesman who predicted the PS3 would overtake the 360, said that: (1) He was only wrong by a bit, and (2) NPD doesn't provide an exact count but estimates some portions of the market and (3) No, he would not care to make a prediction about August's sales figures.

The results, in fairness to Sony, do represent a marked improvement relative to Microsoft. In June, PS3 sales were roughly half of Xbox 360's 200,000.

Could it be that Sony's price cut has shaken loose consumer demand?

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ALI-G4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

-(He was only WRONG by a bit)WRONG is the key word

-(NPD doesn’t provide an exact count but estimates some portions of the market ) i am sure he wasnot going to say that if ps3 outsold 360

(No, he would not care to make a prediction about August’s sales figures) i wounder y ?

sony need to make significant changes in it strategy. price is very important,they should not droped the 20GB version(i do not call what they did in july price cut).sony cannot relay only on first party games, they need to make better tool available for thired parties:share technologies between 1st and 3rd parties. i think it is time to shift the focus from ps2 to ps3 .

@below:"I think they're spot on with their marketing and games thus far" i completely dissagree.the marketing:did u see their tv ad? games got mixed reviews(most of them hardcore:where is singstar?eyetoy?)+ plus negative news regarding most thired parties games.

@1.2 nasim:sony price cut took place in USA only,plus you are most idiotic fanboy who make number and use the most unreliable figure in the history.i do not know where u got the figures for bioshock numbers,hell even NPD did not get them.
-in the fiirst 8 month PS3 SOLD 1.5M IN USA
-in the first 8 month xbox sold 2.2 in USA although the hardware shortage continue until april

-regarding EU number UK(the biggest in EU market) never release figures where did u get it from.oh your cousin told you

FormidableOne4072d ago

I think they're spot on with their marketing and games thus far. They have quite a few games that are going to attribute to system sales. The only problem with the console is the price (it being the highest priced of all the consoles).

Give it one or two more price drops and the console sales will explode. I know many people who are just waiting for more. They can't justify the high price right now and most games don't appeal, price being the main factor in that decision.

larry0074072d ago

BTW ps3 has beaten x360 by 131 000 units in JULY on a GLOBAL BASIS
In JAPAN a total of 80 000 ps3s were sold last month

In JAPAN just 12 000 x360s were sold last month

In EU around 130 000 ps3s were sold last month
compared to just 50000 x360s

In NA the margin is 11000 + for x360

x360 total = 170 +50 +12 =232 000

ps3 total = 159+ 130 + 80 = 369 000

Therefore PS3 has beaten x360 by 131 000 units

PS3 is the victor!!!

source:- neogaf

JAPANESE SCENE below. Based on JAPANESE data ps3 outsells x360 by 60 000 units worldwide. add europe u get 130 000 units

***************************** ******************************

BTW TOTAL numbers for consoles in JAPAN till date

These are the JAPAN numbers

Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD
1. NDS - 153,834 | 147,205 | 4,994,717 | 19,000,396
2. WII - 73,938 | 65,120 | 2,504,496 | 3,424,139
3. PSP - 33,715 | 32,147 | 1,321,381 | 5,853,510
4. PS3 - 21,720 | 21,321 | 627,461 | 1,085,019
5. PS2 - 15,240 | 12,545 | 516,655 | 20,671,514
6. 360 - 2,445 | 2,112 | 137,679 | 402,381
7. GBA - 654 | 520 | 44,645 | 15,342,724
8. NGC - 145 | 131 | 9,276 | 4,178,744

In USA 5.92 million x360s have been sold till date vs 1.609 million ps3 (CANADA NUMBERS excluded )

BTW ps3 is beating x360 3:1 in EU and ps2 is beating it 4:1

here is the confirmation

CONCLUSION :- x360 is dead in JAPAN and EU

FormidableOne4072d ago

Why oh why doesn't Sony stay humble and keep their mouths shut. I'm not siding with any console but nothing 'irks' me more than a company (who is in 3rd place of this console war mind you) that gloats when numbers go slightly their way.

Yes, Sony is doing great and catching up, but instead of just recognizing that in a humble way... they gloat about it which is very unprofessional. I guess the gloves are off for this console war, but it's pretty sad.

Furthermore, fanboys are going to eat this up and use it as flame-bait. Unfortunately they don't realize that we, the gamers, are all winners in this console war. Dropping prices, AAA games, and constant improvements by the companies are just signs that we're the true winners.

i Shank u4072d ago

damn good comment there. + bubble

Meus Renaissance4072d ago

Embarrassing response to be honest. But then, I don't think anyone could have said different if we were in his position right now.

mboojigga4072d ago

Simple you just keep your mouth shut. Don't make yourself look desperate when you are in 3rd globally. Just release the games so this trend can continue. This is getting really old from Sony. I am still waiting for a good reason to buy the PS3. Which of course that reason is the games that I am still waiting to be released.

pilotpistolpete4072d ago

yes, sony has been saying alot of things that they shut keep to themselves. But I think they got more humble as of late, with the exception of comments like this.

i Shank u4072d ago

yea. i have seen many ps3fans on N4G saying the past weeks "wait til NPD numbers for july!" that aren't saaying jacksh!t in this forum. sad to see a sony employee did the same thing, but at least its not some Foreman grill/ 4D graphics kind of comment

the_round_peg4072d ago

Please, no more stupid predictions. They always miss.

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