"Transformers" To Be Released on DVD / HD-DVD October 16th?

Several online retailers, including HD Addicts, are announcing a release date of Tuesday, October 16th, on DVD and HD-DVD.

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JokesOnYou4165d ago

Sony kids are amazing, they approve the same type of bluray news but report this news? wow and then they try to pretend this site isnt overrun with sony kids. truth is Transformers is a fkin awesome movie and it pains them to see it go to the HD DVD camp, pathetic hypocrites=


Seraphim4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

what pains me is that they can't release it on both formats. Obviously it's something Blu Ray owners will suck up. Just like 300. And it's obviously something Hd-Dvd owners will suck up. Isn't business about making money? And making the most possible? It's idiotic for Paramount to pull this move right before Transformers releases, and not release the movie on Blu Ray... I'm not one to rip, burn [never ever have], or download anything but this is one movie I will absolutely not buy, but likely end up owning...

JokesOnYou4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Does it pain you that spiderman or any other movie is NOT on both formats? so Paramount is wrong for choosing a side, but bluray exclusive studio's are doing whats best for consumers?= sony kids continue to show their hypocrisy =


Seraphim4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

you're assuming... unlike Spiderman 3 [hd-dvd] Transformers was planned to be released on Blu Ray. Mind you Spiderman 3 is also a film from Sony Pictures so it's a bad example. Anyway, yeah, big movies like Spiderman 3 and other movies geared toward the tech savvy and gamers should probably be on both formats for business reasons; obviously you can exclude any Sony Pictures film from this list, which mind you, would include Spider Man anyway. Then again, on second thought this is the movie industry. They make more than enough money at box office on all these movies so they could release it on VHS and still make out... either way it's their loss. They just lost millions of dollars by excluding the huge install base of Blu Ray owners and buyers...

richie007bond4165d ago

I have to agree,this site is becoming a hive for sony drones,i have a ps3 and xbox 360 and by far the 360 gets 90% of my playing time.I own a few blu ray films but mostly HD DVD,i find hd dvd a more immersive format with its awesome in movie features,something blu ray still lacks tut tut,overall i find hd dvd to have a better picture quality mainly due to the codecs,blu ray films mostly use mpeg 2 which is old my freinds,at the end of the day blu rays a trogen horse PLAIN and simple, its being forced down our necks by sony and is full of DRM,nothing good will come out of this you have been warned............

SCThor4165d ago

all BIG studios HD-DVD movies will come eventually to Blu-Ray if this war takes years to come to an end. Sadly for all HD-DVD owners, all Sony movies, like Spiderman or Pirates of the Caribbean, WON'T be released on hd-dvd.

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ChefDejon4165d ago

theres nothing much u can say about it at all

the greatest4165d ago

but now ill rip the hd-dvd
and put it on bluray
save me about 30bucks

BIadestarX4165d ago

loook! Now we know who are the Sony fanboys are! (reporters!)
Down with their bubbles!

Schmitty074165d ago

I report this crap all the time, sometimes it passes, sometimes it doesn't

BIadestarX4165d ago

sure... if this would be some news about blu-ray winning to HD DVD 4523452345:1 this would be approved already. So.. please save it. Blu-ray movies are always posted here... and approved.. and this is under Tech news..

Fighter4165d ago

I will miss this movie in HD now that paramount has accepted bribe/money from the losing group that always pissed their pants when they heard Blu-ray was outselling them. The movie was not the greatest but had its moments. I would've loved to see this in full 1080p but I'll wait till next year when HD DVD files for bankruptcy.

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