Hottest Xbox 360 game for the holidays? "Find the Falcon"

Usually, when a company makes a major upgrade in a product, it likes to make a big deal of it - press releases, ads, store displays and such. Other times, you'll see a "soft launch," with quiet, selective roll-outs leading to a formal announcement. But with the coming Xbox 360 featuring new, improved innards, Microsoft is planning what amounts to a stealth launch, and the fact that you now know about it poses a problem for all the Xboxes currently on store shelves.

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SmokeyMcBear4074d ago

so true, im wondering if you can tell by the barcode or something.

bung tickler4074d ago

id guess the halo box will be the first we'll see of the 65nm 360s

xCAPTSTONERB91x4074d ago

who cares about this......y am i gona buy another 360 ta make my xbox cooler.....yeah ive had ta buy 2 cuzz they keep breaking so now u want me to waste even more money....yeah waste

Bombomb4074d ago

Your protected for 3 years dipsh!t...

plastixblue4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

WHy would you even bother posting this? If your xbox breaks send it back. If you were smart you bought a store warranty then take it back there. Damn get you facts straight before your start spouting out fanboyish crap. Oh I know..."I dont want to wait 3 weeks to play my video games." Well go outside and get some sun. Or play something cool on your PC.

WafflesID4074d ago

all this bullcrap about the falcon. the 65nm processor has nothing to do with the failures. Newer heatsinks and better soldering DO address the failures. And those have been in PRODUCTION since july.

Fighter4074d ago

The games on the 360 are pretty good but I do not want to buy a piece-of-krap hardware that will let me down all the time. I'll wait till I hear that the new chip sets are performing much better than its predecessor and that there are no new hardware issues.

Believe me, I am a gamer first and I do not want to miss out on any gems that are on the other side but I still want to feel secure about the reliability issue before I go out and spend my hard earned ca$h.

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