GamerZines: WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Preview

GamerZines writes:

This year's de facto wrestling release is only weeks away but when THQ offered us the chance to play a practically finished build early, naturally we jumped at the opportunity.

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e-p-ayeaH3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Remember ppl this one as a online pass you better buy it new! NOT!

Seriously who play´s this crap online?

Apotheosize3759d ago

Who watches wrestling these days?

King_many_layers3759d ago

who goes into a thread of a subject they do not like ??

I think this looks much better than last years game in terms of it's roaming and broader more refined options. Not a great one for graphics, no, but they are pretty much running off their last gen engine with tweaks.

SeanRL3759d ago

I have two friends who think that these games have the best graphics of any game on the market....

WWE has a following of casuals who will keep buying these shitty games and they know it.

sdcainc3759d ago

I do not watch wrestling but I love to play the video games they come out with. Any game where I can beat people up is always a good game. I love the graphics and will continue to buy these games when they are released.

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Truth3759d ago

Being a long time wrestling fan... yes, it's hard to admit sometimes, but I am and having bought most of the PS1/PS2 Smackdown games I've been pretty happy with the games thus far. I didn't pick up 2010, but I might just pick this one up after I rent it from Gamefly and see how it plays vs the previous versions. If they've somewhat tweaked the clipping and robotic style striking and made it a little more fluid it might be a fun game. Plus the exhibition "story" mode looks kinda neat as the game builds the story based on the actions you chose. We'll see...

nevin13759d ago

I can't believe that was the last good wrestling game which came out in 2003. I can't believe THQ is still using the PS2 engine.

I can't believe i still have Here Comes The Pain.

FuckinUsername3759d ago

The minute i read about the brawling backstage i instantly thought of the PS2 games..

BLAKHOODe3759d ago

who watches wrestling you asked? well, if you're not watching it yourself, chances are, your neighbor, your co-workers, friends, somebody you know is, because WWE averages about 4 million viewers every monday night in the United States alone. you "closet fans", still thinking you know better than everyone else that the business is "fake" need to open that closet door a notch and realize that professional wrestling is not only very much popular in today's society, but is also one of the greatest forms of entertainment and will continue to be long after you've left this planet.

i personally love these games and look forward to them every year. and yes, i'm a wrestling fan.