Demon's Souls a Big Success for Atlus

A year after its release, the PlayStation 3 exclusive Demon's Souls has become Atlus U.S.A's most successful title in the company's two decade existence, the publisher announced today.

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Pennywise3025d ago

Thank you for bringing this game to others outside of Japan, Atlus... Good looking out on the ports :)

Chubear3025d ago

All I can say is, when I look at the copies of other RPGs sold on the PS3, I have no clue how this game didn't sell 3mill at least even if it was not a big budget game.

WildArmed3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I'm hoping that since it was recently put into the Greatest Hits, it'll get a nice sale boost.
Because we all know, it deserves more than 800k sales.

You know, they could always start giving Greatest Hits a seperate Trophy set.
because I know alot of people who'd buy the Greastest Hit and normal version of the game to play this twice! :)

(I already know 2 people who imported the Asian version of DS after playing the US version for the 2nd plat)

-Alpha3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I wish it got a damn advertisement, I really do.

Demon's Souls is one of those rare games that escapes the typical hype of big games and takes you by surprise. The lack of attention on the game really made me enjoy it that much more. It was such a great surprise.

I want my damn DLC already, what's taking it so long?

Neckbear3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

No ADs. Small publisher. Niche game.

In fact, it actually sold ALOT taking in account those things.


No DLC, bro. They've actually said it, alot of time has passed, hell, they're even working on Project Dark right now.

Working name, not official name.

-Alpha3025d ago

But...but...there's a blatant pillar that is meant for DLC


I've been waiting forever.

Oh well, will just get Project Dark. I do hope it's as good and a true sequel. Is Project Dark the official name?

despair3025d ago


the broken pillar is part of what I love about DS, its not so simple and rounded where you have everything set out for you, sometimes thing are stacked against you and sometimes its in your favor, even baddies are not always what they seem and good guys are not as clear cut.

The broken pillar is an example of one of those things in the world that just is, that will not get an explanation just because its a game. I really would like to play the land of the giants myself but its not a problem it just shows the world to have some mysteries unanswered and not everything follows a straight expected path.

RedDead3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Agreed, this is probably my favorite new IP of this gen. Lots of people will disagree becasuse of a few other games like Uncharted but this is my favourite, can't believe so many people are missing out on it.

Edit---Also what the hell, I was looking forward to the broken piller being repaired at the end of the game, I thought that would be the last world and end of the game...

DLC Now !

UnwanteDreamz3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I'm with Alpha the broken pillar needs DLC. Now whenever these guys get aroung to making a second DS I will be there day one. You know I still play DS when I am bored of shooting suckas in the face.

Off Topic

Trophy whoring is serious business. I have some buddies who sent each other their copies of Sega/Sonic/Megadrive Genesis Collection so they could double plat them.

redDevil873025d ago


it didn't sell 3mil because they were released with limited numbers. Here in the UK only a certain amount of copies were distributed.

HolyOrangeCows3025d ago

And hopefully "Project Dark" tops it.

Sarcasm3025d ago

Persuade a Demon's Souls 2 and they'll have a second big title on their hands.

Narutone663025d ago

Demon's Souls didn't sell big numbers was because Atlus and Sony wasn't expecting it to sell big numbers in the first place, so they made limited number of copies of the game. But it sold out quickly after it's release. I don't know if they made additional copies of the game after it sold out.

Awookie3025d ago

There were ads online i remember seeing one on for a while and other sites

cmrbe3024d ago

I like the fact that i am one of only few that have experience a rare gem like DS. It's part of its appeal to me. It was the same situation with ICO last gen.

The game is already Atlus biggest success in the West so i really don't care if it sell's more.

Any gamer who is stupid enough to overlook this gem shouldn't ever get the pleasure to play it.

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Godmars2903025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Fromsoft actually made it.

Thank Atlus for bring it outside of Japan, but remember to put the actual credit where it belongs.

Not that we shouldn't wonder why Fromsoft left exporting it to Atlus.

The only thing they can do is fix that one broken gate. Do a Boss rush.

OMG...a boss rush? I just creamed my shorts. And not in a good way...

Neckbear3025d ago

Atlus just got REALLY lucky when it came to Demon's Souls.

But hell, if it wasn't for them, probably it wouldn't have got outside Japan, so give them some recognition as well.

ThanatosDMC3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Exactly! I hate it that their taking the credit when it's not theirs.

I imported just like Pennywise.

despair3025d ago

If it wasn't for Atlus DS would not have even sold 100k copies, it was pretty much a flop in Japan and only importers were lucky enough to play it. Remember Sony passed up the chance to publish the game in America and Atlus took it upon themselves to take that gamble. They deserve some of the credit but the majority should go to the developers for making this amazing game.

Sarcasm3025d ago

Heck, to be honest Fromsoftware got lucky too making Demon's Souls. Do I have to mention they also made Ninja Blade? Terrible game.

40cal3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Demons souls was announced for Eastern Asia with SCEJ as the publisher. SCEA was not going to publish the Game in the western region of the world and that's when Atlus came in.

I still don't fully understand why SCEA did not want to publish this game, though I do see that Demons Souls is not so much geared towards the general masses.

And for anyone yet to play it, its truly an amazing game. Small learning curve through out the game but so rewarding and satisfying. Tons of depth, great online segment play, very nice to look at, soundtrack was great, just all around an ass kicking game.

Godmars2903025d ago

Just saying that if the game hadn't been made in the first place, there wouldn't have been anything for Atlus to pick up after both Fromsoft and Sony dropped the ball.

Sad that there have been examples of games staying JP-only. Like Bandai not porting Gundam Senki or Vesperia for the PS3.

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garos823025d ago

Super street fighter 4, uncharted 2

and of course Demons souls. i love this game

FwanK3025d ago

Super street fighter 4?

garos823025d ago

its one of the only games i have in growing library that i go back to for a few competitive games online. its still just as fun and tough to beat gamers online. the better i get in street fighter the stronger the players i get paired with and its fun challenging higher tier people.

SaberEdge3025d ago

It's really great that such an awesome game as Demon's Souls has done so well. This game came out of nowhere and surprised a lot of us.

Last generation From Software made two of my favorite games on the Xbox, Otogi and Otogi 2. Those games were pretty damn hard and they came out of nowhere and surprised a lot of people too. Even though the setting and gameplay is quite different between Otogi and Demon's Souls there is still something that connects them. Any of you Demon's Souls fans might want to check Otogi out.

frostypants3024d ago

Just as an awesome heads-up, the semi-sequel to Demon's Souls, "Project Dark" (working title?), will be dual platform.

fallingdove3025d ago

I spent many many hours playing the game so that "the world might be mended".

Anderson83025d ago

Bring more souls, slayer of demons

frostypants3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


When I heard they're developing sort-of-sequel (gameplay looks the same) I nearly fell out of my chair.

This game is just insanely unique. Definitely in my personal all-time top 5.

EDIT: So, they're going to make the game world pure white until the 18th, then pure black until Halloween. Any new players might want to get in now. When the game world is pure-black, bad things happen, man...bad things... >:-)

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scruffy_bear3025d ago

It's awesome I own two copies one US as I didn't think us EU gamers would get it and then we did so I got it too :)

The Wood3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

and getting my a** kicked and loving it

Well done atlus..You were rewarded for your endeavor

catch3025d ago

Well deserved and will hopefully sell heaps more.

One of my favorite games this gen.

TheColbertinator3025d ago

Great game.It deserves the attention.

Anon19743025d ago

I was playing through this game and I was reminded of King's Field from back in the day. I loved King's Field. I couldn't figure out what it was about Demon's Souls, but something just reminded me of those old games.

When I found out that Atlus also did King's Field it made more sense, but I still can't figure out what clued me in.