How did 2 PS3 exclusives inspire one of Xbox's biggest games of 2010?

Tit-for-tat arguments over which console has the best exclusive titles are par for the course amongst gamers - and even fearsomely loyal execs at Sony and Microsoft.

But there's at least one first party developer that's gracious enough to give the competition the respect it deserves: Lionhead.

Speaking to CVG, the Microsoft-owned studio's senior design director Josh Atkins revealed the two games that were the biggest influences on the development of Fable 3 - and they're both PS3 exclusives.

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TANUKI2989d ago

Hats off to Mr. Atkins then.

CBaoth2989d ago

that developers can credit their competitors for inspiration, but neither CEOs nor fanboys can

TANUKI2989d ago

lol, yep. I wholeheartedly agree.

fishd2989d ago

I love the fact that you type Sony in all caps

You know to whom you should show respect,very nice :D

Game-ur2989d ago

Impossible for me to get excited for Fable no matter the hype, no separation of fact from fiction.

Best to go into this with low expectations.

WhittO2989d ago

Well... SOME developers can give credit and aren't just fanboys lol.

Active Reload2989d ago

Yeah, he talks those games up, but you won't see any resemblance of them in Fable 3, I'm certain of this.

BTW, this isn't a knock against Fable 3, because I will be playing it.

ShinMaster2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Yeah, I guess I could see why. Both are pretty good in those areas.

Speaking of inspiration, this article reminded me of this

edhe2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

CEOs have an obligation to tow the line for stockholders. Fanboys? Really not sure about that.

It's no surprise that the ps3 has bred amazing titles that influenced the 360 gaming scene is it? Same works the other way around too :)

Sarcasm2988d ago

When developers look at another developer who develops exclusive on one console, you know what they see? Another developer.

Why cant gamers do the same thing? Xbox, PS, or PC, we all play the same type of games. Why cant we all see each other as gamers?

Because Nintendo sucks. :)

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otherZinc2989d ago ShowReplies(3)
DatNJDom812989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

There is a God!


Here you go buddy.....

Sarcasm2988d ago

Nah don't give Microsoft any credit, for the man would be worth his value at any other company.

The same can be said for Aaron Greenburg except he's on the lower end anal spectrum in which he's a sh*thead regardless of where he'd work.


Sarevok2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )


TheLastGuardian2988d ago

If they are similar to Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain I might just have to buy a 360 and Fable 3....Not really though.

Del6732988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

He is talking about the way they are telling the story in the games mentioned, so it can inspire them without changing the playstyle pretty damned easy. What may happen is that this fable may actually have a final boss battle instead of a cutscene that ends the game, or possibly a more involved story.

That is what I take from it at least.

...and of course it replies to the wrong person, I fail at internetz. Meh it sort of applies.

2988d ago
vhero2988d ago

It only does inspiration..

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maniacmayhem2989d ago

I don't know about Heavy Rain having deep gameplay but that story was pretty cool. Especially the killer's identity.

Was never a Fable fan but part 3 is looking interesting.

Xephon082989d ago

All the Fable games looked interesting while Molenux was talking about them, then they come out and it ends up being a bore, i tried so hard to like 2 and it was awful.

BlackTar1872988d ago

alot but i finally beat it after my 3rd try. i got this weird slow walking glitch 2x in a row with about 5hrs the first time and 10hrs the second time thru the game. I beat it cuz i had a coop buddy and is was fun but left the worst taste in my mouth of all time.

Greycat_James2988d ago

Fable 2 felt quite good when I played it, but looking back now I can't remember anything good about it. One of the bits I enjoyed the most was buying up entire towns and making a profit off that. Which is weird considering that it had nothing to do with the actual story or main gameplay.

jneul2989d ago

they will go multi mark my words...

HeroXIV2989d ago

Lionhead? Can't. One of the few first-parties Microsoft actually has.

jneul2989d ago

well they can always buy themselves out, just look at bungie, no-one ever saw that happening and peter has been saying alot of nice things about ps3 recently, so don't be surprised if it ever happens

despair2989d ago

Bungie was never owned by MS, Lionhead going multi is like naughty dog going multi, not going to happen or rather the parent company won't allow it. Also Molyneux is creative director of MS game studios or something like that.

PirateThom2989d ago

Bungie were owned by Microsoft.... they agreed to part from Microsoft as long as Microsoft maintained the Halo franchise rights.

Raikiri2989d ago

bungie was second-party microsoft owned just a part of it they could only go multi if microsoft agreed.

Lionhead however is first-party they can never go multi thats like microsoft releasing a game for ps3.

Elven62989d ago

Bungie was first party, in 2007 they were spun off of Microsoft Game Studios and made into an LLC where Microsoft owns less than 50% of the company.

They are independent now in the sense that no one owns a majority of them but they weren't a few years ago.

2989d ago
despair2988d ago

oh didn't know that, my mistake.

Narutone662988d ago

someone saying here in N4G that Bungie will never do a multi platform games because it was owned by MS.

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CernaML2989d ago

Meh. Some of the members already went PS3 exclusive. :P

King-Leonidas2989d ago

hmm. Thank Zeus, at least Lionhead has the decency to credit them and not be fanboys.

DelbertGrady2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Most devs aren't fanboys and have no problem giving cred to other devs. Whi si both professional and nice. They seem to have a good culture going on. I wish the same could be said about the people they make games for.

King-Leonidas2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Yes, like Epic Games took a HUGE inspiration from Killswitch´s cover system and went on saying that they ´re-invented´it.

Greycat_James2988d ago

@ King

Well at least they said "re-invented" rather than invented.

King-Leonidas2988d ago


What i mean is that they didnt give any credit to Namco whatsoever

telekineticmantis2989d ago

Do we still have to argue about PS3 games being Overrrated after this???

yewles12989d ago

Do you even have to ask?

dangert122989d ago

who said ps3 games were overated? let me @ em let me @ em lol

2989d ago
2989d ago
Greycat_James2988d ago

Hell, VIDEO GAMES are overrated.. Doesn't stop me loving them. :p

I'd love to have both an Xbox and a PS3 so I could get more out of my gaming and experience these "overrated" games myself. A broader spectrum is always a good move. It's just that the price point of the PS3 has always been a huge problem for me. Whereas buying little bits to add onto my Xbox, like the wifi adaptor and bigger HDDs has worked out well for me. Although I will certainly admit that they are still redurpulously overpriced.

I keep saying I'll get a PS3 with LBP2 though. XD

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