Final Fantasy XIII has outsold XII

Many said it wouldn't happen but sales of Final Fantasy XIII have now reached 5.83 million across PS3 and Xbox 360 compared to 5.71 million for XII on PS2.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

A multiplat versus a PS2 exclusive. okaaay...

bmw693760d ago

130m userbase vs 80m (with some crossover - i.e people who own both consoles)

Game-ur3759d ago

Out doing 12 is nothing to rave about, the series went downhill in qualaty and sales since 10.

gaffyh3759d ago

12 is one of the least liked FF games, so I'm not surprised to be honest.

Eamon3759d ago

both 12 and 13 weren't good

barom3759d ago

Yet they are two of my favorites FF. Screw the fans, Square Enix keep rocking it! I'm tired of the old style of micro managing

heroicjanitor3759d ago

12 probably made a much bigger profit.

vsr3759d ago

All the western press ... wake up.....

Eamon3759d ago

So you like crappy RPGS, barom?


FiftyFourPointTwo3759d ago

Opinions, man. They differ. Respect someone else's.
To me, FF12 is a great game. FF13 is the worst in the series, tied with FFX-2.

Homicide3759d ago

To be fair, FFXII did come out when the "next-gen" started.

Ult iMate3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

@ FiftyFourPointTwo
If barom doesn't like micromanagement, why does he want to play JRPGs then? May he go and play some other game without micromanagement and leave the JRPG genre to those who appreciate it. Because FF13 is hardly a JRPG with all those cuts in classic FF gameplay mechanics.

FF12 could be the next greatest in the series after the VII-th, if Square didn't push Yasumi Matsuno so he left the game and the company in middle of development. I think Matsuno is one of the few game perfectionists, that could make a FF game great. ((( .

Army_of_Darkness3759d ago

I'm sure half of the people out there with ps2's had modchips by the time FF12 came out...

Theonik3759d ago

One of the most pirated consoles in History. (together with PS1)

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zootang3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

It just goes to show that they should have kept it exclusive. After all, the cost of developing for 2 platforms has to be taken into account.

Dread3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

they sell more and it proves that it should have been exclusive?

listen, XII sold on a system with 120 million user base. XIII sold with a combined user base of about 70 million. how was this not good for Square?

in any case XII and XIII sucked IMHO. and XIII did not suck because it was in the 360, it sucked because of many other reasons, just like XII and IX sucked not becasue they were exclusive to sony.

and by the way, just to remind u that Final Fantasy was never just a Sony exclusive. the first sony exclusive was VII, before that they were nintendo exclusives.

@zootang do u have any evidence that those alleged costs outway the profits they received, or are u just speculating?
and the backlash was form the hardcore loosers that did not even know that Square has always made games for other companies. Have u taken into account the good will that Square gained from 360 owners who were ablet to play th egame because it went multiplat?

zootang3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Just take into account the man hours it must have cost to make it for the 360. The extra cost of printing and licensing on multiple disks. Then you also think of the backlash the game received for going multi-plat. I think Square should/would learn from this.

Edit: Also, FFX back in 2001/02 with a lesser install base sold more as an exclusive. So your point is void.
I just said exclusive, I didn't say to which platform. I'm sure it would sell even more if it was a Nintendo exclusive.

Edit2: Dread! Seriously? So it doesn't cost any money to make the game on another platform?

Dread3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

dude of course it cost money to make the game in the 360, I am just saying that you need to take into account other things at well.

and you do not know if the costs were more than the profits, which is the most important isse here.

also, my point is not moot at all, if X sold more it was because it was an awesome game, unlike XII and XIII, regardless, the fact that XIII sold more than XII with a smaller install base is still a valid point.


zootang you are spot on and hopefully square riealize this but probably not, unsure how you got dissagrees probably from stupid fanboys.

zootang3759d ago

"if X sold more it was because it was an awesome game, unlike XII and XIII, regardless, the fact that XIII sold more than XII with a smaller install base is still a valid point"

That didn't stop MW2 beating MW

Imperator3759d ago

Yep, Exclusives get MUCH more attention and FFXIII could have sold better if it stayed exclusive since a lot of people didn't buy it becuase SE basically lied about everything and gave us a watered down game gimped so it could be done on 360.

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3759d ago
himdeel3759d ago

...bought but probably never finished this game lol. My brother tried to give this game to me I respectfully declined. His comments about it weren't the ringing endorsement nor excited enthusiam I hear with other games I've gottn from him. It was a you have hav it if you want or sell it if you don't like it conversation.

shoddy3759d ago

some people don't know what they are getting until it's too late.
with or without reviews.

DigitalAnalog3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

And yet it manages to SELL this much?


-End statement

FFXI1013759d ago

Because it carries FF's name and is on both next-gen systems.

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MaideninBlack3760d ago

Knowing VGChart *numbers* it proabably hasn't outsold FFXII.

bmw693759d ago

And how do you *know* VGChartz numbers?

FiftyFourPointTwo3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Because VGchart's numbers are not accurate.

Eamon3759d ago

I guess you guys will come up with more accurate numbers then.

radphil3759d ago

What ever happened to using NPD numbers now? D:

ArtsyGamer3759d ago

Yea, looks like XIV has matched the sales of XI already as well according to their numbers. I find that a little hard to believe.

Dread3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

if they are not accurate then how are u sure that XIII did not outsell XII before. It goes both ways buddy...

darthawesome903759d ago

It probably has outsold FFXII because Square has pumped so much money into marketing for this game. You will also be surprised how many idiots just care about looking at the screen and going "oooh pretty".

The last good FF was X and the average age of a hardcore gamer is 15-20yrs. That means the average gamer must have been 5-10 yrs old when X came out = they don't know they were screwed hard by SquareEnix. Those who are old enough to know they just got screwed by Square probably already have a family, going out on dates, or are in college studying = not much gaming.

Redempteur3759d ago

what a fail logic ..

my first FF was FF5, i find FFX to be garbage , FF12 is good , so is ff13 ( they are just different )
This is my opinion of course ..but your logic is 100% pur fail .. A good rpg stay a good rpg .. is chrono trigger bad now because it isn't HD ? of course not .. Even someone today can enjoy ff7 now and it's the WORSE looking FF ..

what makes a rpg good ? how fun you have with it .. it doesn't matter if it's "oh pretty" .. if you don't enjoy playing rpgs then why bother ??
Millions of people enjoyed FF11 , people bought FF12 those weren't bad games heck even FF cristal chronicles sold was that a bad game too ??

SquareEnix can make bad or average games of course ..but trying to justify the hate those 2 games got ( ff12 & ff13 ) by thoses claims is ridiculous ...

Perkel3759d ago

"The last good FF was X"

And to this day i still remember how people were pised off about linear gameplay like FFXIII ..........

FFXIII is good game.

- Story
- only few dialogues

+ Best battle system
+ Omg graphic

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wicko3760d ago

..linking to someone's search results is an article now? Oh, sorry, a rumour? Wow.

Djinn3759d ago

It would have been a shame if that piece of crap FFXII outsold FFXIII. Man, I hated FFXII.....

Lionalliance3759d ago

Isn't the other way around?

Homicide3759d ago

FFXII was an excellent game. You guys just hate evolution.

Qbanj693759d ago

Thats like... saying 1 piece of crap smells worse than another piece of crap.


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