Fallout: New Vegas has some mindboggling stats

BrutalGamer's Zeth Ward writes:

According to a blog post sent via PR earlier today, that deals with the creation of the Strategy Guide, there are some serious numbers at work in Fallout: New Vegas. For instance there are over 200 primary locations in the game. That figure is fine on it's own until you realise there are about another 200 secondary locations too.

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Rainstorm814127d ago

If its as good as Fallout 3, ill be more than happy

Hellsvacancy4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

My thoughts exactly

+1 2 u mofo

I cant wait for Fallout Vegas


moosehound4127d ago

I played about 10/15 mins of it this weekend and it plays pretty much like Fallout 3. The weapons seem a bit "meatier" but I still had my arse handed to me on several occasions by some flying bee/butterfly type things.

All in all it felt like it was on the right track to be Fallout 3.5 which most would agree is a good thing :D

visualb4127d ago

because I KNOW GoTY edition will come out 6 months later for the same price and 2x the content ='(

JsonHenry4127d ago

If this anything like Fallout 3 I'm sold.

Tony P4126d ago

*cough cough* I feel another week long flu coming on, boss. *cough*

RowSand4127d ago

man i miss fallout 3 specially this music when you wondering around in the wastland

Megaton4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Yeah, I loved that ambient background music. Really added to the feeling of being utterly alone in a destroyed world.

Active Reload4126d ago

I thought you were talking about the GNR soundtrack. That soundtrack introduced me to a few groups I never knew of.

BatClarkeee4127d ago

fallout new vegas is going to be great.

kaos_fish II4127d ago


400 locations and 160 side/free roam quests.. another 200+hrs of my life gone.


zagibu4126d ago

Oblivion had zillions of generic caves and dungeons. I'm not sure mass is what people should be excited about.

SexyPrawns4127d ago

That's just...mindbottling...

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The story is too old to be commented.