New Metal Gear Solid 4 Screens

The only thing that can calm the rage that burns inside when these morons suck up Kotaku's valuable Kojima time with constant questions about Metal Gear Solid 4 appearing on the Xbox 360,"What is the music like?" and "Will MGS4 have rumble?" are new screenshots of the PLAYSTATION 3 game. Yes, yes, they're mostly super high res shots from the trailer, but still. Thank you for the press kit, Konami GmbH. You've saved Games Convention!

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Foliage4101d ago

Those screenshots are incredible.

HeartlesskizZ4101d ago

how did i miss this? this is really good pics, great find.

INehalemEXI4101d ago

Yah that trailer amazed me.

ALIEN4101d ago

MGS4 is looking amazing, im so excited.

zantetsuken4101d ago

It's times like these I want to hug my PS3.