GC: New engine wasn't for Rage, id reveals

id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead has revealed that the company's stunning new Id Tech 5 engine actually wasn't intended for its latest Mad Max-style shooter Rage.

"We actually started working on another game and as the technical direction was made clear we decided to go in a different direction," he revealed to CVG today.

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djt234165d ago

i have to quote this
"And that project became Rage. We saw the game running on all three platforms this afternoon and despite the expectedly lower anti-aliasing on the console versions, they all looked near-identical."

Syko4165d ago

Careful, Someone will blame the PS3 or 360 for being the cause of the bad Anti-Aliasing.

Still PC nerds can keep their uber AA I don't want to pay $1500-$6000 for a bad ass gaming rig.

Bebedora4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Todd Hollenshead? Who's that? I thought Carmack ran the show at id. Oh, what ever.

MK_Red4165d ago

Didn't they say it way back at QuakeCon that they started working on a game called Darkness or something with tech5?