Israeli sensor startup linked to PS3 'Eye Toy'

Prime Sense Inc., an Israeli startup company that has reportedly just raised a first round of funding, has been linked to an upgrade to the "Eye Toy" for the Sony Playstation.
Prime Sense (Herzeliya Pituach, Israel) has developed a sensor plus digital processor to provide a real-time 3-D mapping of objects in space, according to the company's Website. In essence it appears to be an image sensor and processor combination which perceives the world in 3D and derives an understanding of the world based on sight, in the same way that humans do.

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D R Fz5390d ago

Can the ps3 get any better? This is what innovation is about.

PS3 Owns All5390d ago

Innovation is kicking in for the ultimate next generation system, the PlayStation 3! More and more good news is coming in! I'm glad. I can't wait to buy the PS3! I am way too excited for it especially my friends!

DJ5390d ago

and the technology is just incredible. PS2 eyetoy titles were pretty good, and they only relied on 2D mapping. I can't even imagine what the possibilities of 3D scanning are; Eye of Judgement is a very simple hint at the future of this incredible device. Kudos for Sony for believing in the creator's vision and supporting it so well.

BTW, it would kick ass if Sony included the new EyeToy with every console.

XboxKing5389d ago

"BTW, it would kick ass if Sony included the new EyeToy with every console"

NOT going to happen!! but It would be cool
and I'm not into this techology, so I'm glad that my work is staying away from it.

Twist965389d ago

It's called "Xbox Live Vision". It's the camera for 360. It had the exact same motion sensing capabilites declared months ago. In fact I reckon a few lawsuits could be flying around here. PWNED