PES 08 Noticeably Sharper on PS3

Despite reports to the contrary, Gamespot report that PES 08 is looking sharper on the PS3.


Jumping at the chance to play the first version of Pro Evolution Soccer for the PlayStation 3, we were pleased to see how good the game looked. Now 75% through development, the game looks noticeably sharper on the PS3 at this point than on the Xbox 360. The extra fidelity really helps you to spot individual players and appreciate the extra detail in the animation, and players move in a very realistic manner. Argentina's Cambiasso, for example, has a much more laboured running style than Brazil's Ronaldinho. Both characters were immediately recognisable thanks to the increase in resolution though, with a noticeable bald patch on Cambiasso and the trademark long hair on the little Brazilian.

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Anything but Cute4165d ago

There was an article saying the opposite!! But this game is lead developed on PS3, so I found that to be nuts.

ReconHope4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

had no proof and they contradicted themselves yesterday by posting up a ps3 video to show off the face models and not the xbox360.

djt234165d ago

damm the game look good

Anything but Cute4165d ago

It's linked to an article from Gamespot.

Panthers4165d ago

It will be flamed though. Even though every bit of it is true. Once games get developed on the PS3 as the lead system, they will look better.

And DMC4 was not a fair comparison because the PS3 demo they compared it too was a lot older than the 360.

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