Movemodo review: MAG (PS3 / Move)

Quoting Movemodo's Christopher Ingram:

"MAG 2.0 brings with it so many refinements that we could hardly scratch the surface in this review, but Playstation Move is the biggest new implementation to the game. From the very beginning MAG set out to be different, creating a community more concerned about leadership and the art of war than scoreboards and leaderboards. Move support is yet another way for players to refine their skills in MAG, and although Move may not dominate the standard DualShock we are so comfortable with, it offers a unique control style that we think many gamers are likely to become attached to and master. MAG 2.0 is here and with the power of Playstation Move now in our hands the time to enlist is now."

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raztad2933d ago (Edited 2933d ago )

Nice review.

I'm already getting used to MOVE in MAG. It is quite satisfying to score a kill. After a while you start to notice how the your accuracy increases, and the freedom of pointing anywhere on the screen (w/o rotating the camera) is a huge advantage,

Fulensenca2933d ago

It' s a lot of fun ^_^

it takes practice, but it works very well.

JoeReno2933d ago

I played a few matches of sabotage for the 1st time with move and got my ass handed to me, but im looking forward to getting more practice in tonight.


I'm owning DS3 Player, yippy yippy yay!

ndibu2933d ago

Trying too hard man. Its just a controller

PimpHandHappy2933d ago

bought the MOVE but just haven't had the time to play much... Anyway this sounds like the 1st step towards real games using the MOVE

labwarrior2933d ago

Seems like one of the most generic games in existance

digger182933d ago

No that title belongs to Halo.....Now f**k off troll!!

pyramid1212933d ago

Why are you talking about 360 exclusives in this topic? LOL!

ThanatosDMC2933d ago

Trolling fail.

If he played MAG, he'd get wasted so fast.

KingZFlipper2933d ago

Waiting to test this out at my buddy's apartment.

digger182933d ago

Good review....Going to pick up the Move controllers at the end of the month :D

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The story is too old to be commented.