EGTV: 'Blu-Ray is key for games'(News)

SCE UK boss Ray Maguire has dismissed suggestions that Sony is bullying gamers by forcing them to adopt its movie-playing technology with PlayStation 3 - claiming Blu-Ray is essential to the next-gen gaming experience. Speaking in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer TV, published today, Maguire vigorously defended the decision to include its proprietary Blu-Ray format as standard on the £425 console - amidst accusations levelled by Microsoft, which claims it is offering real consumer choice by launching a rival HD-DVD add-on for Xbox 360 later this year. "Blu-Ray is really important for the games side of our business because what it does is it give us the ability to have 50Gb of information actually on the disc," Maguire said. "With PlayStation 3 you're looking at a Cell chip that has immense computing power. That means you're going to need a huge amount of storage as well - we really need that Blu-Ray disc because what we don't want to be doing is swapping discs half way through loading. It's really important to us."

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chester6094d ago

i'm fine with blu-ray being put in with the ps3. in fact it was a big reason why i bought a ps3. but don't tell me that you did it solely for the games and that it was the main reasoning behind it when blu-ray is a sony entity and sony knows how big a market home movies and dvd's currently are. blu-ray games are a beneficial off-shoot of putting a blu-ray drive in ps3's for blu-ray movies.
and we've yet to see a good example of a game needing blu-ray. i know heavenly sword used most of the room, but for me, having a dutch language option wasn't really something that was needed for me personally. in fact, in my opinion, the best game that sony has released was warhawk, which was available by download.

SabreMan6094d ago

how old it this article ?????????????

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Fear Effect coming to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2025

Limited Run Games, in cooperation with Square Enix, will release action adventure game Fear Effect for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2025, the company announced.

CrimsonWing6913h ago(Edited 13h ago)

What!? That is freaking great!!!! I really loved this game back in the day and was so pissed the Remake got changed and then eventually canceled. This is such great news that it’s the original. Will definitely get the plat for it.

Mr Pumblechook12h ago

The article mentions:

* PC
* Nintendo Switch
* PlayStation 4
* PlayStation 5

But why isn’t there a mention of the Xbox Series version?

CrimsonWing6911h ago

Yea that’s a Limited Run Games thing like what @Scissorman showed in the article. They’ve tried selling the physical versions of Xsex games, but they just don’t sell. But I’m fairly sure this should be digital for Xbox, if not, then it’s time to drop Xbox and come to greener pastures.

wesnytsfs9h ago

@CrimsonWing69, greener pastures.. Yep moved to mainly PC now myself get all the good games from both companies now if only Nintendo would release games on PC too.

RiseNShine8h ago

so a ps1 game launched in modern platformos, mmmkay. I can play it already in emulators with high res, retroachievements support and more, doesn't make much sense.


Why Far Cry 3 Was The Best Of The Franchise?

Far Cry 3, an open-world masterpiece that redefined the series. Gameplay and storyline makes it a timeless classic that still inspires today.

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Deeeeznuuuts1d 3h ago

It's gotta be Far Cry 2 for me, the feeling of that game I'm still yet to find again, just everything about it, I'd kill for a remaster, I'd even be happy with just a bump in resolution and frame rate, occasionally go back to it, think I'm gunna have to do just that now 😂

porkChop1d 3h ago

A remaster of Far Cry 2 would be amazing, especially with the mods that fixed the broken stealth system and the dumb checkpoint respawns. Include those fixes and it would be a huge upgrade over the original.

JEECE1d 3h ago

Enemies respawn in Far Cry 2? Terrible! It's a broken system! Make me a one-man army who can inexplicably hold an entire region!

Enemies respawn in Dark Souls and Zelda? Brilliant! So much more hardcore! Glad the devs took risks!

porkChop23h ago

The problem isn't them respawning. It's that they respawned after just 5 minutes. Like you'd still be in the area looking for diamonds, loot, exploring, etc, and the enemies would just respawn with you there.


Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense Preview - GamesHorizon

Goat Simulator 3's first DLC pack is here, and it's the greatest reflection of its team's bonkers approach to game design since the core game released.

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