Nippon Ichi (NIS) To Develop JRPGs For Xbox 360

Nippon Ichi (NIS), big in Japan but little known elsewhere, will publish future games on Xbox 360. NIS specializes in peculiar turn-based tactical RPGs with titles like: Hour of Darkness, Phantom Brave, La Pucelle: Tactics, and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. Previously, NIS only made games for Sony Playstation, (i.e., PSX, PS2, and PSP.)

Note: Most of NIS games have never been translated into English or released outside Japan. According to Wikipedia and other sources, NIS has only recently attempted to branch out into different media and outside Japan - especially into the US market.

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Loudninja4076d ago

His games are niche, thye are not know far nad wide.even with the PS3 big userbase, they did not do all to well.So I relaly dont think it iwll do well on the 360.

PS360PCROCKS4076d ago

Haha I won't buy any of the games or ever pay any attention to them but dev support is good so that's a +

Anything but Cute4076d ago

These games tank all over the world, Except Japan. And in Japan people will pick up the PS3 version of there games.

Just some perspective. Don't get too excited.

segasage4076d ago

needs AAA games badly, the 360 needs Jrpg's for Japanese peeps.

Hey anything helps in japan.

Twist it whichever way, thats what the 360 needs....keepem coming..pls

Anything but Cute4076d ago

Are they gonna develope games for XBOX 360 exclusivly? I mean if they just said they will go multi that's totally different. The article doesn't say anything about exclusive development.

If it was exclusive they probably would of said so, that makes a huge difference.

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