Enslaved writer was "sick" of PS3

Alex Garland, writer of The Beach, 28 Days Later and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, admits to originally missing out on Heavenly Sword after becoming "f***ing sick" of his PS3.

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Pennywise4809d ago

Sick of his PS3 when PS3 was only out for 9 months? I am sick of anyone having anything to do with this dev trash talking. Keep it up and I won't pick your game up!

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PS3_lifer4808d ago

haha I got voted down for that? jokin' around here people relax... T_T


And now this??? I cant wait to NOT buy this game when it comes out... cocky bastards!!

himdeel4809d ago

...BUT I will try to rent a copy eventually...but I wont go through any great pains to snag a copy.

AKS4809d ago

NT didn't say that. Tameem is practically a Naughty Dog fanboy and said that ND is the "gold standard" for action games.


Actually this guy didn't said anythng bad about PS3 there too, read the article.

When some reporter asked him he told that he didn't played HS. He used to have a PS3 before it came out but by the time he had already discarded it, because he was "sick of his PS3" (as of having nothing to play).

I won't say it was the most fair complain but, as an early adopter too, I would agree PS3 first months were dry as hell. It surelly gots better after september 2007 and I'm glad I didn't dumped it out like this guy did, but besides Resistance there wasn't many good games to play.

It wasn't so much to blame on Sony or PS3, but on practically all devs laging behind to make the jump to new tech, multiplatforms didn't use to roll out like they do today, games were few and far in between each other on all platforms, but worse on PS3 indeed, as it were also really unfamiliar tech at the time, most devs just chickened out and waited for better developer tools and sony tech support (which was around by early 2008).

I'm not saying NT hasn't been an ass lately, they indeed tried to take easy punches on PS3 and DMC fanbase, but still this is just an out of context speak, like the Uncharted one.

Spawn-KING4808d ago

I agree also,they talk so much $hit,im not buying this game also.

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visualb4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

so he basically preferred his 360 to his PS3, and was sick of his PS3 because it didn't have games?

wth...how immature =/ you'd expect a grown writer to have the ability to say

"I just didn't play it as much" or something that doesn't involve the demeaning of a piece of hardware =/

+ his argument is kind of odd...he says PS3 had no games, yet he says he was hooked to his COD4...which was/is a multiplat game that was also available on the PS3

I'm so perplexed and confused by this immature comment...seriously why is this under "news"?! =/

Anon19744809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

I didn't use my PS3 much for the first bit due to lack of games. Interestingly enough, I was a die-hard 360 fan but when my 2nd 360 console died on me it took Microsoft a month and a half to get it back to me. That forced me to play my PS3, and I just revisited some old PS2 games that I missed and it was awesome. When I got my 360 back, the games for the PS3 started to role out more frequently and I never really went back to my 360, which died on my a 3rd time when I did anyway.

But this was no different then when the 360 first game out. I played COD2, King Kong, and loathed Perfect Dark - then I had nothing to play for months. My friends all joked that I had a 92" screen, high def projector, a 360 I paid $500 for and all I was using it for was to play Joust. That's not saying there weren't other games out, just nothing that interested me. Eventually, just like the PS3, great games started rolling out way more frequently, however I really feel in the last couple of years the pickings on the 360 have been rather slim. 2007, now there was a great year to be a 360 owner.

Still, I gotta agree, not the most professional comment. But cut him some slack, he's a writer. How the hell is he supposed to know how the games community loves to pick apart every single little comment that can be seen as defamatory towards one console over the other?

uxo224808d ago

You are so full of SH!T

LiquifiedArt4808d ago

Are they trying to lose sales from the PS3 fanbase?

andrewsqual4809d ago

Too late, too much bitching from this dev. I'm not picking up this game just like I didn't pick up Dead "missing the beginning and end" Rising 2.

gcolley4808d ago

i am sure they are gutted

talltony4809d ago

""He says that there weren't any original games on the PS3. Fair enough - it's his opinion. However, he goes on to talk about Modern Warfare, which not only wasn't really original, but was also available for the PS3.""

"Somebody please explain his logic to me."

visualb4809d ago

Logic: He has problems in his life, and takes it out on a console to gaming "journalists" =| can't see the logic anywhere else...

YoshiMeetsU4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

He said right after he prefers Xbox Live. Didn't you hear it's the best way to play Modern Warfare. ;)

You all sound heart broken he doesn't slobber over his PS3 like you all do. It was a boring time for the PS3 just like this last summer has been and since GoW3, boring... it's an opinion..

But like someone said CVG take a small piece of a large interview and then turn it into flamebait and make it seem like that was the major topic of discussion. Shoddy journalism from another company owned by Future Publishing(notice the logo on the bottom of N4G as well).

madjedi4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

I read that part, having beaten heavenly sword, it wasn't missing anything by him not being involved in the project. It was still a good game, especially the battle at the end where you take on bohanes whole army.

The enslaved demo wasn't bad, but kinda holds your hand with platforming aspect vs uc's f-up and you fall to your death. I think they went for a story heavy demo, rather than a demo showing off the combat.

This guy wrote the story for enslaved -_-, hopefully he writes better than he does interviews. All in all enslaved doesn't look bad, but castlevania and fallout are out/ coming soon, so i don't know who to leave alone.

@yoshi Yeah it's an opinion, it's also hypocritical the issue isn't him preferring live or the 360, it him saying the ps3 has no original games, while playing mw1 a generic(albiet fun) fps.

Now if he was playing kameo or viva pinata or another non generic title, i could cut him some slack.

The fact that he didn't even know hs existed makes him look stupid after saying it had no original games, he must have never heard of folklore either.

BigPappaPump4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

CVG is a joke site. I haven't click on that shitty site ever since it claimed that some well reputated ps3 exclusives were sub HD. It's hardly surprising that they would stoop low to cut and paste quotes from NT to create a flamebait just to get hits.

gamer20104808d ago

They also post plenty of articles that put the 360 or its games in a negative light.

It seems they are more interested in writing flamebait articles that get fanboys on both sides clicking on their site. I guess they don't realize that many fanboys on either side are just choosing not to click on their trashy site at all.

bustamove4809d ago (Edited 4809d ago )

What a way to start with someone who wasn't even referring to you.

This title is flamebait.

pixelsword4809d ago

Enslaved writer was 'sick' of PS3
Tuesday 5-Oct-2010 2:19 PM Alex Garland only played Heavenly Sword after meeting Ninja Theory
Submit Article To N4G Submit Article To Reddit Submit Article To del.icio.us Submit Article To Digg
Alex Garland, writer of The Beach, 28 Days Later and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, admits to originally missing out on Heavenly Sword - after becoming "f***ing sick" of his PS3.

Garland has revealed that when he first met Tameem Antoniades - the boss of Heavenly Sword and Enslaved dev Ninja Theory - he owned both PS3 and Xbox 360, but he had largely discarded Sony's console.

"Well, typically in interviews, what one does is kind of lie about certain things, so I'll try to avoid doing that, he told Edge. "I had not played Heavenly Sword at the moment I met Tameem, then I went and bought it. The reason I hadn't played it is because I'd bought a PlayStation 3 along with an Xbox 360, and by the time I met Tameem I'd already stopped playing on the PlayStation 3 because I was so f*cking sick of it."

He added: "There weren't any original games that really blew me away. I was really into Xbox Live; I was much more into playing Call Of Duty 4 on Xbox Live. So Xbox really had its claws into me, and I just never bought Heavenly Sword."

However, after meeting with Ninja Theory Garland took the time to play Heavenly Sword - and was impressed enough that he signed on with the studio to write Enslaved.

Edge recently reviewed Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and awarded Ninja Theory's latest an 8/10 score - as well as notable praise.

King-Leonidas4809d ago

why is that fellow bashing the ps3?

Malice-Flare4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

and he only liked Modern Warfare...

King-Leonidas4808d ago

is that so? I might not get this game afterall

thereapersson4809d ago

Anyone notice how Pennywise has the same number of disagrees that Mandatory Install has in agrees?

bustamove4808d ago

I noticed how you got a lot of disagrees and I did too. Someone is using multiple accounts to comfort themselves. :S