GameStop: PS3 Sales Have Doubled on Price Cut; GTA IV Delay Beneficial

GameStop executives are fairly bullish on PS3 now that the sales pace has doubled following the price cut. They expect PS3 to continue to sell well with titles like Heavenly Sword and Lair on the way. GameStop also thinks the GTA slip will be beneficial over the long run. Also discussed: PSP sales, 360 sales, Wii shortages and more.

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JPomper4077d ago

GTA IV delay beneficial for PS3 owners. All versions got delayed thanks to that hard to develop for POS.

harpua4077d ago

"mommie, the PS3 made me cry again"

SmokeyMcBear4077d ago

ahahaha harpua.. instant classic

larry0074077d ago

in SEPTEMBER expect sales to increase even further with HEAVENLY SWORD ,LAIR and WARHAWK


power0919994077d ago

Good to know that we have a Rockstar developer to confirm that for us.

Otherwise I would just go on thinking that Rockstars 360 development units kept dying on them.

See what I did there? I used your fanboi statement, and made one of my own! It is really easy.

My suggestion is this: PS3 sells well, 360 sells well.... competition spawns innovation.

You should be happy they delay the game instead of coming back here and crying because the game was rushed. Regaurdless of what the reason is.

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Anything but Cute4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

I do think they were having trouble with the PS3 version and GTA IV was one game that Sony couldn't afford to have an inferior version of.

I just have a feeling this delay is to make the best GTA IV possible
on PS3.

In addition it broke up 360's perfect storm of games and pricing plan for the holiday.

Amplifier4077d ago

You do realize that GTA IV started development on the Playstation 3 platform?

Just some food for thought...add it up about some of the stuff that has leaked through about storage and space, more than just once.


razer4077d ago

So I assume they have huge numbers of the liquidated model of the PS3? Because once those are gone the price is still the same..

Amplifier4077d ago

You are half-correct, but of course you would omit that the insides of the box are not the same.


INehalemEXI4077d ago

The 5 free blu rays is helping sell ps3s 2. I was kinda ticked cause I bought 1 from them way back and now im like wheres my 5 blu rays...

Tru_Blu4077d ago

receipt + Photoshop = You bought it on July 25th

I'm pretty sure you can send in photocopies of receipts

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