Splinter Cell Double Agent Developer Q&A

Last month 360Monster was invited as part of the Microsoft Xbox Community Network (XCN) to submit a selection of questions, which would be answered in a Q&A session with the developers of the upcoming title, Splinter Cell: Double Agent from Ubisoft. We put this to our community via our forum and in return we received some pressing questions from our members. Five of the most interesting and inventive questions were selected and submitted towards the Q&A interview.

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TheXgamerLive5390d ago (Edited 5390d ago )

I've pre ordered, Splinter Cell 4, Gears of War, and Dead Rising. I'm really looking forward to these titles. I love the SC series and am excited that "TRUE" next gen. is about to be unleashed sam fisher style.
Mass Effect and Gears of War will both also push the TRUE next gen. envelope. It's great to be a 360 fan!!!

"anybody getting any new news on resident evil 5?" I hate when a developer just shuts up on a title. I've heard since the many delays and set backs of the ps3 that the game was pushed back on it's release, so it could be released on all 3 next gen. systems simultaniously.

USMChardcharger5390d ago

nice read. also nice to hear that ubi is still fired up for M$ and the 360. i feel your pain on the gamerscore ubi guy...very addictive indeed.

mikeeno75390d ago

I'm looking forward to this game. It's one of those games that you get excited about as your opening the case, the expectation is great...

SDS Overfiend5389d ago

I haven't heard anything except for the video in 2005 E3 personally. But i Heard they say this game was supposed to be PS3 Exclusive but you know sony they probably Paid Capcom to say so for the time being.

TheXgamerLive5389d ago

Now, when we infact see more when, why, where and how is another story.

I'm guess at the next show/s we'll hear something. I hope anyways.

Regardless, we have Splinter Cell 4 coming our way and I'm hungry for it.