Cautious Sony Weighs PS3 Euro Successes

The "confident but not arrogant" SCEE head David Reeves talks PS3's future in Europe, as he also says Nintendo is actually encroaching on Sony's casual market. Next-Gen's interview from Leipzig, Germany within...

"This is not the US. [Europe's] quite different from the US in terms of market shares." said Reeves. "…PS3 outsells Xbox 360 about 3 to 1. PS2 outsells Xbox 360 by 4 to 1…. In Japan, Xbox 360 does nothing….They have a good lineup and I think they've done a fantastic job coming into the market. But they said last year, 'we've got the greatest lineup and this is the year we're taking off.' They're just repeating it.

"We don't like to set ourselves up and say we're going to great, but then don't. We just don't say anything. We deal in numbers."

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the_round_peg4074d ago

Haha, who are they kidding!

larry0074074d ago

thts good to hear.

I am sure MS would pull the plug off x360 in EU and JAPAN soon

AliC4074d ago

So does that mean you are actually going to start releasing games the same time as other regions and not weeks/months like is the current trend.

Does this also mean your actually going to start putting decent content on the Euro PSN since its still currently lacking.

Vojkan4074d ago

BUUUUUUUUU SONY BUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop treting us Europeans like a SCUM! I am not going to give 900 USD for PS3! Why is 360 here in Europe at the same price point as in USA, it has been from day 1 but PS3 is almost double the price?! I am not buying TAX BS talk!

resistance1004074d ago

You are a NUB

Prices converted to dollars

US 360 price - $350
UK price - $540

US PS3 price - $500
Pal ps3 price (includes 2games and extra controller worth $230) - $800

US wii price -$250
UK wii price -$360


Not to much difference there really now is there?

And as for tax, the US price DOESN't INCLUDE TAX whereas the UK one does.

The you have to remember we pay far higher tax's but in return get free healthcare etc. The you also need to learn about economics due to the UKs higher income everything is more dear here and with the dollar being extremly week at present its not helping the situation.

Now before you pretend to know what your talking about just think about every product.

Every single product over here is around 20-30% more over here than the US. not just the ps3 which you seem to think.

darx4074d ago

At the $ they are selling the PS3 there is no PS3 casual gamer market.

dale14074d ago

i,ve said on this site before 360 is doing good in the us but else where its slipping very fast r.r.o.d as been more on consumer programs than any other product on the planet

xfrgtr4074d ago

The 360 is a disaster oustside the US,isn't it TheMart?

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The story is too old to be commented.