All New Details on Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer (Screenshots and Trailer Included)

The beta was rather small in size, clocking in at just under 1GB, but packed a lot of features. Four game modes including Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Team Objective and Team Tactical graced the online beta, the first three of which support up to 12 players online.

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first... i love this effing game i wont be suprised if its better then halo 3

QUNE4074d ago

Looking forward to Nov. 5th. I think this installment will either make or break the franchise's future.

Azures4074d ago

I wonder of the PS3 version will allow more players per map, its fine if not though.

s8anicslayer4074d ago

i hope the graphocs don't get downgraded on ps3 multi player like weve seen in ubisofts offerings

Azures4074d ago

They've stated already that it won't be dumbed down, its the same game. These guys actually realize how to develop a game.

drunkpandas4074d ago

Broken embargo dates is never good...

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