PlayStation Plus: After Three Months

TAWKN: PlayStation Plus has been out now for three full months. If you signed up for the three-month teaser, which recently expired, you might be asking yourself if you should renew. When I signed up, I got an extra three bonus months with my annual subscription, as did anyone else who has signed up for the term so far. It is now that my actual subscription truly begins, and as a lead-in to that, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on how the service has treated us so far.

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Game-ur3767d ago

I caved in just for the Castilevania demo, but got more than I bargained for with the ACB beta, R&C quest for booty, Sam & Max and Abe's Odyssey

NecrumSlavery3767d ago

US has gotten shafted on demos and betas,

darthv723767d ago

right now plus is a discount store for members only. At some point they will most likely open the gates to a flood of members only content. Maybe even some exclusive dlc for games that you need to be a member to get.

They are certainly watching the numbers of enrollment. If it is not where they want it to be you can bet they will pull that trigger and make this more incentive than before.

Members only home spaces, members only dlc, members only stuff you just cant get even being a freebie.

plb3767d ago

Exactly why I won't pay for plus at this point. Europe gets all the good stuff.


and It has only been three months..

Mushroom wars... Critter crunch... Zen Pinball... lITTLE BIG PLANET 2... AND BETA ACESS TO DEAD SPACE 2.. and all for a measly Fifty bucks! I wonder how these guys will possibly make a profit... Seriously its a must buy if you like trying different games... IF YOU WERE A DOUCH WHO EXPECTED A NEW GAME LIKE DEAD SPACE 2 EVERY MONTH THEN LOLLL

maxcer3767d ago

lol $50 for some shitty games and some betas that publishers used to pay people to test? i bet you its all profit for them.

betas.. lol, it went from getting paid to test games to being free to people paying the publisher to test games.

Vip3r3767d ago

Too bad the US store is light years ahead of the EU store for content and demos.

xino3767d ago

but will you even play those games again?

Lords of Shadow,
FiFa 11
pro evo soccers
Blacks Ops
Ps Move games

games are coming I don't think you wouldn't have time to play those games you downloaded.

avengers19783767d ago

I've found it well worth the price, but am hoping they bring more to the service, I'm still wating for that Token Challenge thing.

dangert123767d ago

I <3 PS +

I already had
syphon filter
burn zombie burn
and another one i cant remember
and even though ps+ giving them away is of no use to me its a sick service


PS3_lifer3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

It's a nice service but they need to keep working on it. I want more content! lol

Love all the free games/themes/auto updates/demos and stuff. They need more services similar to xbox live.

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Hellsvacancy3767d ago

I bought in2 3 months subscription, it ended last week, no bother though 1 of my EU buddys has a years PS+ and i hav a friend in the US who also has a years worth of PS+ so i wont b missin out on anythin, they get there fair share of content from me so it balances itself out

Terarmzar3767d ago

My subscription ended on the 28th last month
i would renew it but have insufficient funds on debt card lol

olLANDSHARKlo3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

How do you not have $50 for a year subscription? This is the type of person that downs xbox live, the one who cannot manage money. I mean my accounts get no where near being down to $50 in it, that's crazy. I am now believing that maybe PSN is full of poor folks and people who cannot manage money, xbox live is for the rich, and people that know how to handle the expenses, hence I think that spells PSN=kids Xbox live=adults. It sure seems this way, and I have both services, so don't reply there's more kids on xbox live, like the fanboys always do, cause there is definitely more on PSN.

Terarmzar3767d ago

Because im only 18 and i do not have a job
and to let you know i only paid for the 3 month subscription so that was $18.00 not $50.00
and wow your such a troll...

Holeran3767d ago

Don't let him ruffle your feathers Tazz. He's being a troll douchebag for no other reason than to be one.

JoeReno3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

@ phibalnation

You sir are a wart on a trolls d!ck

How are you going to fault someone for being broke at a time when most of the country is.

divideby03767d ago

@ phibalnation

you really should PREVIEW what you write.... than you would realize what a poor excuse for a "gamer" you come across

I have both services and go play Reach and than you will realize how besides silly, wrong you are

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trounbyfire3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

why every week there is an article about ps +,
are people really trying to convince others not to but ps +
COME ON i am getting tired of "it _____ week are you happy with ps +" ITS BS

JoeReno3767d ago

I agree wholeheartedly. Every week another one of these comes out and its tired. Please stop beating this dead horse.

dangert123767d ago

i think its relivent its not like xbox live were most thing stay the same since launch up till now with small additions
playstation plus is always changing and adding content so why not?

JoeReno3767d ago

Sure its always changing, but I guess what im talking about are headings that read "playstation plus week17... Is it worth it" the short answer is, and has been since day one yes. Ive downloaded way more than 50$ worth of content in 3 months

While this artical is more of a reflection on the past three months its tone in the headline felt the same as the is it worth it ones.

adolson3767d ago

JoeReno, please tell me what a better headline would have been. I debated several, and settled on this one, though I wasn't entirely happy with it.

And for the record, it's the first and only piece I wrote about Plus. Just because one person writes an article about Plus, does that mean that nobody else should? Kotaku can't do it because IGN did it? 1UP can't do it because Giant Bomb did it? And so on down the line?

If we only ever needed one of anything, there would be only one website with one review per game. There'd be only one game console. We'd only have one FPS, one RPG, and one RTS.

DigitalEnemy3767d ago

Simple : PS+ needs featurs to entice subscribers to re-sign up.

I know this may annoy a few of you, but Cross Game Chat alone would see Sony adoption rate of PS+ go through the roof...

JoeReno3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I know I for one am waiting on new features. I could careless about crossgamechat but I see you point and agree even though the kids might whine about paying for psplus to get it they would.

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