Final Fantasy XIII-2 Is a Bad Idea: Reasons Why

Product-Reviews writes: It has been suggested recently that Square-Enix are looking to do a follow up to Final Fantasy XIII, with a possible FFXIII-2 title. It is merely ideas from Square-Enix at the moment, but we and probably the majority of FF fans hope they are joking.

We really think Square-Enix should scrap the idea completely and start fresh on a Final Fantasy title which is closer to either FF7, FF8 or FF9 – the three games which are considered their finest work yet.

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MaideninBlack3768d ago

Final Fantasy XIII was a bad idea.

wat6343768d ago

I don't think it was that bad, but it didn't feel like the original final fantasies at all.

Redrum0593768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

was better then ff13.... why make a ff13-2

ok im not gonna lie guys, i loved ff12.
12, 10, and crystal chronicals (gamecube) were the only ones i've ever played... and ofcaurse ff13 that is :/

please dont judge

DORMIN3767d ago

Reasons Why:

1: FF XIII Sucked.

(It wasn't thaaat bad, but still underwhelming for an FF IMO)

Millah3767d ago

Squaresoft merging with Enix was a bad idea.

Damn you Spirits Within! If you didn't bomb so bad, none of this would have ever happened, and Sakaguchi would still be there making awesome FF titles.

squallheart3767d ago

Spirits within was good, It was the fanboys that caused it to fail complaining oh it doesnt have summons its not FF. Advent Children to me was more of a failure and i love ff7. The story and sequences were a mess compared to spirits within. Sakaguchi did a great job directing, to bad he was the one who had to take the fall and to bad he hates the president of sony or he would be making games for them.

midgard2293767d ago

ff12 was horrid, it rewarded u for not playing (gambit system)

also the main character wasnt even the main character, and it was SO ugly. i hated 12. liked 13, wasnt the best but wasnt bad, people just expected WAY to much. if ffx-2 existed i dont see why not ffxiii-2

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FACTUAL evidence3768d ago

FFvs13.....why would they make ff13-2? SMH......SE lost it.....I miss SquareSoft.

Imperator3768d ago

I never even finished this game since I moved on to BC2 and GoWIII. Is the story worth finishing?

Eddy2233767d ago

YES. i mean some poepl might disagree, but its really good.
idk most people just didnt like the gameplay..

Myst3767d ago

lol thought I was the only one, I am sitting on Chapter 11? Or something tried playing multiple times, but just didn't get back into it.

hazbaz3767d ago

"In Square Enix's guide book Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega, Yoshinori Kitase and Motomu Toriyama have an interview regarding to possible future development of FFXIII.

* There were plans for another open ended area called Seventh Ark, which offers quest based game play and free battles
* The Seventh Ark never made it to the game because they did not have time to reach the level of quality they want
* Kitase wanted to create something to allow players to further understanding the story of FFXIII, such as more details in the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythology
* He also wanted to show something that would not even be in FF Versus XIII and Agito XIII
* Toriyama said he wanted to continue the story of FFXIII where Lightning will have a happy ending
* Whether or not this happens, will depend on fan reaction
* Kitase mentioned that the next title will incorporate things that they weren't able to do in FFXIII, like DLC"

CimmerianDrake3767d ago

Their plans for Seventh Ark were hindered due to level of quality? Gee, I wonder why? /s

* Whether or not this happens, will depend on fan reaction

-Pffft, SE have NEVER listened to their fans. They'll make this game just because. And if they DID listen to their fans, FFXIII would be a very different game to begin with, but this FFXIII-2 would not even be considered.

* Kitase mentioned that the next title will incorporate things that they weren't able to do in FFXIII, like DLC

-Not believing it. They said there would be DLC for FFXIII and they scrapped it. They had no legitimate reason for scrapping it unless they realized that no amount of DLC would fix the crap that FFXIII is.

SE continue to circle the toilet bowl.

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XANDEO3768d ago (Edited 3768d ago )

Id say 6,7,8,9 and 10 was the golden era, also i think FFXIII-2 is a good idea, i mean cant they just get another team to make it as most the ground works there and just right the wrongs of the first title? just get better direction this time and you may see more smiles on peoples faces this time round (even though i did enjoy it, but not on the usual FF scale of epicness).

albel_nox3768d ago

Please disregard this article when considering whether or not to make a sequel to Final Fantasy 13. Contrary to what the author thinks he does not speak for all die hard Final Fantasy fans. I would love a sequel to Final Fantasy 13.

Sigh3768d ago

I want Square Enix to make a new franchise just like how last gen we got Kingdom Hearts, a popular successful series. Make a new franchise from one of the main teams there. Stop making sequels.

xxchicago33xx3768d ago

Or bring back the Secret of Mana series....I would love some co-op RPGs

zero_gamer3768d ago

Or make a new Chrono game. All the remakes you (Square-Enix) took a piss on should be an indicator that your fans wanted a Chrono game. Get it?

CimmerianDrake3767d ago

They won't make a new Chrono game because the Chrono remake for the DS didn't sell enough for them. If I find the link I'll try and post it, but they said there wasn't enough demand for it.

Again, gee I wonder why. All they did was essentially port Chrono Trigger to the DS.

Man SE is stupid.

thelifatree3768d ago

They did Two that got rated highly TWEWY which was part of the kingdom hearts team and jupiter, Chaos Rings though that wasn't one of their main teams.

And they've done a lot of games not with their main teams. (some good and some bad).

CimmerianDrake3767d ago

Yeah, but they're handhelds. Not exactly catching real attention.

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