GameSpot: GC '07: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Hands-On

It was a bit of a surprise when Capcom brought the hugely successful Resident Evil series to Nintendo's GameCube, which, for better or worse, had become known as a family friendly system. Now that the Wii has become hugely successful across all demographics it's no shock at all that Resident Evil is headed to the Wii in the form of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. GameSpot has seen the game not once, but twice before, and at the Leipzig Games Convention they got a third taste of the game in the form of a new playable level.

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scarlett_rg4165d ago

This should be one fun game! I can even see my Mom (who is 59) getting a few kicks out of this!

BrotherNick4165d ago

Killing Zombies?? That's one cool mom lol. I got my aunt playing the Nintendo DS though.

s8anicslayer4165d ago

this is how house of the dead should have been