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Numbers, Graphs, and Lists, Oh, My!

Technophilia has charts showing the number of games in development by each platform. The lists in the following entry are also interesting.

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ironwolf5466d ago

Lots and lots of flame bait here. This should be fun!

specialguest5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

lets wait here behind the bushes while they gather their troops of stooges to debate the same old issues on a different battle ground. this should be interesting. oh and remember..SHhhhhh! don't talk to loud or they'll hear us.

Shadow Flare5466d ago

Yeah, how many comments do you reckon this article will get? I'm thinking maybe 100-150. Remember that time the motorcross article got 1000+ comments? geez

I actually think this is a really great article and its really good to see everything shown laid out flat for once.

But my god, the ps2 is such a great console! Freakin hell, 5277 games published for it? When i see the hard-core facts, it's so easy to see how the ps2 absolutly abolished the competition

But before everything starts going completely ape with the ps3, i'll say that alot of those stats are alot to do with the xbox 360 being released a year in front of the competition. And also that the ps3 is apparently difficult to program for, which would put off some developers. But things aren't looking bad for the ps3 at all. Its got more than enough great exclusives to give it a good start and with time (like the 360 had), the ps3 should grab more exclusives

Eternal E 8085466d ago

it dosent matter if the 360 was out for almost a year because the list is what is being dev for each console.

TheMART5466d ago

And a large percentage of that PS2 games were largely crap, a pile of sh*t of games. So I rather have some less but good ones than all those DVD's that can be used as frisbees.

Furthermore, saying the 360 is released a year in front and therefore has more exclusives. Well. The PSZero and the 360 were announced at the same time around E3 2005. So I guess that's a bit dull to say. They had the same amount of time to get things done and ready, but 360 has almost double the exclusives of a PS3.

If you want the most and the most exiting exclusives, it's just on 360. Simple. If you want the sequel on sequel Sony repeating stuff and less exclusives get a PSZero.

Final Fantasy 489647
Tekken 6
Ridge Racer 7
Virtua Fighter 5
full auto 2 (blarghhh)
GT4 HD smugged up PS2 version

Sony get something new. MS with it's 360 has all the creative innovative stuff.

Gears of War
Viva Piniata
Lost World
Too Human
Fable 2
Alan Wake
Forza 2
Dead Rising

And more... Just to be fair: almost double the exclusives and they are just very good. PS has a problem period

Lucidmantra5466d ago

Unless games are developed first party of the studios are bought I dont see a real gain on exclusive titles. COmpanies want to make money and with games costing more and more to develop for you will see games be time exlusives, not console exclusive. Games that are traditionally Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft might find their way to other consoles. The die hard traditionals will stay where they are. Heck Solid Snake in Bash Brothers on Wii. They will mulitplatform because i think companies like EA, Ubisoft, Activision see this isnt going to be a run away win for anyone at least for the first 2 years. And that is the real deal they will bet with two/three chips untill their gamble is safer on one after middle next year when the dust is settling. If the PS3 is already at 115 million and 360 it at 10 they you will see a change. If it is all pretty even they might crossplatform longer untill their money is WELLL GAMBLED on a machine.