PS3 has best version of UT3?

No one would of though it would turn out this way, but it looks like the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3, is going to be the definite version.

CVG is reporting that Epic is touting some fancy new capabilities for their PS3 version of the game. For one, Siaxis controls are being implemented for controlling the hoverboards, and for the super weapon The Redeemer.

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Stunt4099d ago

I posted a story exactly like this a while back, and they wouldn't approve it because it was from a blog. But now the exact same thing comes along and just because it's from CVG, it gets approved.

ktchong4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

PC will have the best version of UT3. D'uh.

For one thing, you can't create mods on PS3. You'll have to use a PC to create mod and then port it to PS3.

hazeblaze4099d ago

Actually, they compared the PS3 version to the PC version if you'd bothered to read the article.

And you're correct concerning the mods. However, the most important thing for me as a gamer is PLAYING the awesome mods that come out of this game... I doubt that either you or I have gone on to create any really popular mods before.

PS-Wii-604099d ago

You need to buy the modding tools software package seperately.

So, they're referring to the actual game "as shipped" when stating the PS3 will be the definitive.

Rhezin4099d ago

We'll see which system has the better looking version when it comes out on 360 next year, and gears of war 2.

mikeslemonade4099d ago

360 has never been able to match a multiplatform release PC version of any game. Gears of War 2 is not coming out next year.

CNIVEK4099d ago

Mark Rein just stated yesterday, that 30 fps is their target across all platforms.

mistertwoturbo4099d ago

yeah at least they're target is LOCKED at 30fps though. way better than 10fps, then 20fps, then 30, oh back down to 10, whoops 5 now, then back up to 10, oh jolly back at 30. at least LOCKED at 30fps is a nice balance between smooth gameplay and high end graphics. besides, 60fps on UT3 will make me dizzy lol

Kleptic4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

and who is saying it is 60fps?...Mark Rein didn't know lots of different things about the game at one point, he had to ask a programmer to confirm mouse and keyboard support...

30fps locked I guess is acceptable...but the speed of the gameplay and the ability to swing the view with a mouse, makes 60fps nearly a must...we will see though, everyone is saying it plays great so far...

EDIT: Just read the other article...and yeah 30fps across all platforms?...they are saying "we will thank them for that in the end", because of the detail I guess...sounds good I guess...

tplarkin74099d ago

30 FPS works fine. I wish all games had 60 FPS, but they don't.

Watkins4099d ago

And that's what ... Oh jesus

Bathyj4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

The 60 fps isn't true as we've since found out, but I still cant wait for this game.