Game Judgment - Review - Tetris Party Deluxe

Game Judgment's Christopher Goodchild Said,

"I’ve been playing Tetris since I was big enough to hold the classic gameboy. Although you did have to have big hands to do that. In the old days of Tetris, there was no hold button, there was no ghost brick, you could even hide the upcoming block. Yes, block. Not a list 0f blocks. A single upcoming block. I’ll admit now that back then, I sucked at Tetris. I think I made it to around level 11 once – Maybe."

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pat_11_52961d ago

This makes me want to play Tetris all over again.

TheSleepyGamer2961d ago

Such a classic game, unfortunately its just one of those that never seems to change in any significant way.

pat_11_52961d ago

very true, Tetris has always been the same but I guess that's what makes Tetris Tetris.