US Folklore Demo to hit PSN today

August 23rd:

Be the first to cross over to the other side.
Download the demo from the Playstation Network.
Discover the mystery...

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s8anicslayer4166d ago

i have to say i'm pretty excited to play this demo!

THE_JUDGE4166d ago

I'm excited to hear the story and play the game.

rev204166d ago

Is awesome the sixaxis motion bits in the game are great, the gfx are nice and the concept of the game is awesome, i really wasnt expecting much from it, but really enjoyed it :)

Darkiewonder4166d ago

As it's a new area to explore than the JP one.

archpsyker4166d ago

I downloaded the demo last night from the european store. Excellent game. The Sixaxis controls work great, it's graphically appealing, and has a lot of potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.