Reeves: No Plans to Cut PS3 Price, Explains Lack of New PS3 Titles

"What we're going to allow, and it doesn't need an announcement, is simply that we'll probably put out more hard bundles than the Starter Pack," Reeves told Eurogamer in an interview to be published later this week.

Reeves also said that Sony chose not to announce new PS3 games during its press conference in Leipzig last night because it wants to make sure people are "focused on five or six games".

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MK_Red4169d ago

Waiting for big new PS3 titles at TGS then. New Level 5 games?

HeartlesskizZ4169d ago

one game that im not getting is that lair game, not that i hated but is not delivering what it was promise, a blockbuster hit? dont thing so but i may give it a rent

MK_Red4169d ago

I understand what you say but I'm a Factor 5 fanatic and I'll buy their game even if it comes for Wii. Besides, personally I give a 9/10 to Lair because every one is his/her own game critic and the choice is ours.

nurayi4169d ago

MKRed, since I see you love level 5, was just wondering if you'd tried the Jeanne D' Arc demo. I recently got it and its a very very well made strategy rpg. great music, great art, and the gameplay looks solid (think FFT, with new battle mechanics, but possibly without the job system, although there could be branching classes. but there are battle transformations.) anyway the game should be awesome.

On Topic: "focused on five or six games"?
"pillar titles every month"? -_-

that better not mean that team ico goes missing from TGS

SuperSaiyan44169d ago

The 360 is smashing it for top games, exclusives and first on its platform.

All the headlines are always lit with Xbox 360 gaming news.

Lair - poor
Warhawk - poor
Heavenly Sword - average (god of war rip off)

Haze - PS3 first then 360 so not exclusive
UT3 - same as above

Now if you look at the 360 list pretty much all AAA titles and lots more top exclusives.

The 360 is also cheap, has a far better controller, better design, more user friendly, fantastic online, fantastic choice of games as well at very affordable prices.

ALI-G4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

that y i quite fanboysim.
xbox is my favouirite system but that doesnot mean i will rip off the other system.these game u will not see in xbox :

i am sure once u get the money to buy ps3 you will quite the fanboysim till than i will enjoy most of the above games beside HALO3/MASSEFFECT/LOSTODESSY/PG R4/BIOSHOCK/fable2/toohuman/hal owasr/SC:C

CRIMS0N_W0LF4169d ago

Most X360 "exclusives" come on PC which I will buy on PC since they run better and more reliable.

Admit it the best X360 games are Shooters there isn't much Variety.

Heavenly Sword is very good not average.

How can you know the design of X360 and PS3? You designed them or you are a developer?

PS Controller is the best there is it is why they never changed it.

PS3 Menu is very user friendly

While X360 online is great there are people who don't want to pay to get online service. Do I pay to use Xfire or play CS:S on PC? No

If I want something cheap I got for Wii or PS2.

Venom_Blood4169d ago

Wow u really are a fanboy, how dare you say UT3 is poor?
we will see about that when it debuts

darkequitus4169d ago

You are right (and a buble to you)

you cannot truely enjoy what the world of gaming has to offer if you are a fanboy.

Do MS Nintendo or sony give a flying f*ck if you own another console. no. as long a they get your mony too. it is not like they are going to come around you house and arrest you.

PC/PSWii360 owner
steam/psn/xbl: darkequitus

BubblesDAVERAGE4169d ago

All the headlines are always lit with Xbox 360 gaming news.

Lair - poor
Warhawk - poor
Heavenly Sword - average (god of war rip off)

Haze - PS3 first then 360 so not exclusive
UT3 - same as above

Now if you look at the 360 list pretty much all AAA titles and lots more top exclusives.

Apparently he never played heavenly sword nor God of War because if you did you would say they are nothing alike....WArhawk is one of the best multiplayer experiences i have had since playing halo and socom online..U must be out you mind talking about Ut...and Haze they are guaranteed to be great games..Lair I don care what they say i still AAA wiht all the xbots everywhere who knows wats going on

Silver3604168d ago

At least until after they release. And when was windows not a MS platform. There is confusion out there people MS has two platforms out there not one. (Vista/XP) and the 360. You have to understand the more people that play games for windows the less that goto Mac or Linux. That that might be why a lot of games are 360/ windows games?

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Like a shadow I am4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

At $500, PS3 would have to show me 6 to 8 *true* exclusive killer GAME titles to entice me. I am not like some blind Sony fanatical worshiper, who would just pay $600 for a console as long as it's from Sony - even when the console has no great exclusive games that I really want at the moment.

I do not buy something just because it's made by Sony or Microsoft. I buy a console just so I can play the killer exclusives that I really want to play. So, what are the exclusives that can help Sony to entice me or someone like me (who has no loyalty to either Sony or Microsoft) to buy a PS3? I'm waiting for only exclusive titles that I really want, I personally want.

Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden Sigma do not count because I have played basically the same games before (Oblivion on PC and Ninja Gaiden on Xbox.) I'm not going to replay them again on PS3 as many stupid fanboys suggest. Warhawk does not count because it is a multiplayer only game, and multiplayer-only games do not entice me. Home does not count because I do not even like Second Life. (Well, generally, online-only games and apps just do not entice me.) Most FPS do not count because I'm tired of all the shooters - unless it's a BioShock that's getting groundbreaking 10s and 9s all around. (BioShock could have really helped PS3 if PS3 was the leading platform for BioShock.)

Sure, for all the fanboys are always singing praises of Sony, it does not matter to you if PS3 has any "system seller". However, It matters to *me*. Sony already has the fanboys' business. On the other hand, Sony needs business from people like me, who are waiting for (a) the price of PS3 to come down further, and/or (b) the collection of killer titles to reach a certain number.

P.S. As if disagreeing with me is going to get me to buy a PS3. LOL.

Like a shadow I am4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

In response to: "Are you saying that 360, or Wii has "6 to 8" exclusive kiler titles out for them right now? I haven't seen them. I like sony, but if 360 had 6 to 8 killer exclusives, I would have gotten that system as well. C'mon man be real."

No, Xbox 360 or Wii does not have 6 to 8 killer titles that I want, *BUT* their prices are lower.

PRICE does factor into the overall consideration.

At $500, the console (PS3 in this case) would have to show me 6 to 8 killer exclusives (that I want.)

At $350, the console (Xbox 360) would have to show me about 4 or 5 killer exclusives.

At $250, the console (Wii) would have to show me only 2 or 3 killer exclusives.

It's a sliding scale.

For PS3, it's a double whammy: the high price *and* the lack of good exclusives are keeping me from getting it at the moment. My consideration takes in BOTH factors. Of course, if the price of PS3 drops further, then it'll need fewer exclusives to entice me.

I think MOST consumers are like me.

UJUSTLOSTONE4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )


Okay, I can understand that you won't get a PS3 now, I mean MGS4 sells me, Just like Gears, almost sold me to Xbox.

But in the history of Playstation, when have they ONLY had 6-8 must have titles, I can count so many killer exclusives on both systems that I won't even begin.

So basically your telling me, that you WILL pick up PS3, just not right now. Thats cool. I mean I don't care if you get one or not. But at least your not ruling it out (there is a little sarcasm in there, not much, but its there)

I probably have waited for more exclusives and some more price drops myself. But I don't need A crapload of games to come out before I buy a system. I mean, I can barely keep up with the PS2 exclusives I have yet to beat, let alone the PS3 ones that are due out.

But to each is own

peaceout gamer

p.s. its kind of messed up how you replied to my comment in a diff thread, but I won't fault you for that

blusoops4169d ago

If you buy the PS3 at you'll get $150 off, 5 free blu-ray movies that even if you don't like you can sell and make at least $75 off of them on ebay, and you'll get over 5000 reward points that you can redeem for a free controller. Plus 0 interest and 0 payments untill 2009! I'd say that's a great deal! It's what I did.

blackrose54169d ago

Strange how he says consumers don't have big wallets to purchase alot games yet the PS3 is so expensive :s

MK_Red4169d ago

Lair didn't do that bad. It got 7.2 & 8 from GameInformer and they are among the best game reviewers.

Like a shadow I am4169d ago

and right now PS3 needs system sellers.

MK_Red4169d ago

Hopefully Heavenly Sword can do the job (system selling) along with Uncharted and Ratchet.

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