PS3 Paradise - Warhawk, Lair, Uncharted & More

Techtree's Navneet Prakash writes:
"In spite of being under a lot of scrutiny lately for its price, limited launch titles, and so on, PS3 is still the poster-boy for gamers worldwide. Sony slashed PS3 prices everywhere and their sales went up; but still a question lingered, "we have the PS3, but what do we play on it? We have a few decent titles, but none that would really cause a stir in the market." Sony wanted some time to deliver, and it has finally delivered in style. Sony is about to launch some really promising titles, and I was among the lucky few who were present when Milestone Interactive showcased some of these games due to be released in India later this year. Let's take a look at what we can expect before the year ends."

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MK_Red4074d ago

Heavenly Sword alone is heaven. Adding Uncharted to the mix makes it even more heavenly and with the upcoming Lair and Warhawk, it becomes heavenliest!

InMyOpinion4074d ago

What's Warhwak? Check your articles before you post.

Arkham4074d ago

Last page of the article has Warhawk. It's in the article dropdown nav too. Or, "don't you read the articles?" ;)

CRIMS0N_W0LF4074d ago

In my opinion that article is pretty crap.....

Just my opinion before you start flaming

SmokeyMcBear4074d ago

pretty crap? as opposed to ugly crap? or ok looking crap?.. or err i'd hit it crap??

RAM MAGNUMS4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

That heavenly sword is the transexual version of god of war. A easy game to play, nice to watch but at least in god of war you felt badass. How will people feel after heavonly sword? Most likly like a gay child with a bunch of brothers laughing at him. lol. We all know lair sucks and warhawk is going to be pretty boring and hard to look at with those lame animations. Did you see how the puppets run down the street with guns? Horrible. Just a matter of time before ps3 gamers go back to playing battlefeild from ea on the ps2. More fun, more cooler. PS3 gamers actually have nothing to look forward to except their crystal ball. What does the future hold if I remain with this loser console with loser ports and loser games. All they need is more belief in a game they will play for years which is what game again?

CadDad4074d ago

The world has a lot of male gamers who:

1. When playing a Male Avatar can feel badass.
2. When playing a Female Avatar can enjoy the eye-candy.

Either way it's rewarding dude, don't worry.


s8anicslayer4074d ago

well all's i can say s "it's about damn time"

taz80804074d ago

I will tkae what i can get for the ps3 as soon as possible please.

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