Halo 3 kicks it up a gear

Halo1&2 the best selling game on Xbox. The final chapter is one month away. The highly anticipated Halo 3 Screenshot blowsout from the single player mode.

Light effects, water effects and incredible sky!


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PS360PCROCKS4165d ago

Holy hell does 1up have alot of info out on this game. That was ALOT of reading and screens. Looks like IGN and 1UP have HUGE schedules coming up in the weeks before this releases.

Munky4165d ago

Now that is more like it. I never doubted that Halo 3 was going to turn out amazing. The two screens that stood out were the one with the skky/clouds as well as the water/waterfall screen. Good job bungie.

X_GAMER_X4165d ago

I really had my doubt..But not anymore :)
This game is looking awsome enough to me

Munky4165d ago

lol..ok, im willing to admit that some early screen grabs irked me a tad, but the recent ones are great. Still not on the same level of some games out there but close enough! But whatever in lacks in graphics it will surely make up in gameplay and good old fashion fun!

Madmax12819804165d ago

im defo gonna get another 360 just for this:). wish i hadnt sold my 1st 360 but needed the cash:(

P4KY B4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

How beautiful it will be to see a plasma or napalm grenade going off in that lovely water.

Those storm clouds.
I think i remember reading somewhere that Bungie were creating the clouds in 3D rather than the usual flat skies.

i Shank u4165d ago

in the beta on Valhalla, i took the banshee out of the level up as far as i could go. there were at least 4 different altitudes for 3d clouds and sky, and at the highest point stars appeared and the sky kept getting darker and darker. they didnt just do clouds, they did the whole damn atmosphere! hope the full game lets us check it all out without having to use a glitch

Zhuk4165d ago

they really improved the graphics, this is shaping up to be a great game, well done Bungie

ktchong4165d ago


I think all the people who approved it got stunned and dazed after looking at the screenshots.

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The story is too old to be commented.