Forza 3 Ultimate Edition Causes Massive Community Uproar writes: We recently posted about Microsoft and Turn 10′s exciting new Forza 3 Ultimate Edition and Top Gear partnership, but it looks like it wasn’t as exciting to everyone, especially the real dedicated community.

The Turn 10 Studios blog has become somewhat of a warzone since the announcement and to make matters a whole lot worse, Turn 10 are causing more frustration and anger by completely ignoring the whole situation.

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DelbertGrady4497d ago

This is disgraceful. I don't like it when publishers re-release games after 6 months with all the DLC packs, that dedicated fans have bought for their hard earned money, but this is even sillier. Shame on you, Turn 10!

darthv724497d ago

If you already have the be it. This is obviously to entice people who dont have it. This is no different from when games get released later as delux editions or collectors editions. Oblivion game of the year edition comes to mind.

This just proves that if you wait, a better more complete version of the game will come along. Bring on the disagrees but you know it happens.

SilentNegotiator4497d ago

Oh Turn 10...your actions always scream of the company you're owned by.

Fans who already paid $60+ for the retail game have to spend even more if they want to access some of the new cars? That's ridiculous.

ExplosionSauce4497d ago

That's the main problem. Fans and owners of the original Forza 3 release can't get any of the new content unless they pay $60 again for the repackaged UE.
I was fine with the original game. But I'm not sure how happy the more loyal fans are about this though.

TheBlackSmoke4497d ago

There's nothing wrong bundling DLC with a re-release/goty edition, but any NEW content should at least be available as DLC for owners of the original copy.

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ExplosionSauce4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

I think they're also adding new cars and content that people can't acquire unless they buy the "Ultimate Edition".
Basically the same game is being repackaged as a new game.

moparful994497d ago

Its obvious this whole thing was orchestrated by microsoft to try and slow gt5... Adding top gear and launching a week before gt5? Cowards man, they run their mouths all year about being the definitive racer this and definitive racer that but now that polyphony took the cover off their massive game microsoft gets scared.. LOl they are afraid of that huge slice of crow pie they are gonna have to swallow.. SO they pull this stunt that is backfiring big time.. Wow cant say i'm surprised though.. THis is microsoft we are talking about...

ShinMaster4497d ago

The Top Gear inclusion is straight up idea copy/steal more than coincidence and only a few days apart from GT5's release.

Eamon4497d ago

omg wow. So may comments marked as trolling.

Wtf is going on here!?

gcolley4497d ago

what do you expect when you are on a predominantly PS3 fanboy website, they even outnumber the normal PS3 gamers. anything Turn 10 brings out the trolls.

Moentjers4497d ago

They are explaing the moderating system to a junior and he's having the time of his life.

ShinMaster4497d ago (Edited 4497d ago )

What are you talking about. It seems quite the opposite this time around.
The comments marked as "trolling/off topic" are nothing close to trolling. In fact, many of the are real Forza players/360 gamers, not PS3 fanboys. READ THE COMMENTS!

* The problem is that the real trolls/360 fanboys, don't even let their own (360 gamers) say anything remotely negative about 360 and its games without marking them for trolling.