Hideo Kojima Introduces The Women of MGS4

The man bosses of the game were revealed yesterday and now it's time for women bosses of MGS4:

During his press conference at the Leipzig Games Convention today, Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Hideo Kojima discussed the bosses for the game. After a quick recap of the bosses found in prior MGS installments, Kojima commented that the work was cut out for them in trying to top those. "Now you know what I need to do in MGS4," he said. "I need to have even more incredible bosses. So what kind of bosses will you see in MGS4? The answer is in this trailer."

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HeartlesskizZ4099d ago

So pretty much this girl work for kojima productions? if so
they do a nice job.

Vojkan4099d ago

Not necessarily, maybe he just borrowed theirs faces.

The other white chick is Scarlett Chorvat, girl from LOST

Bolts4099d ago

Who did she play on Lost?? I watched all 3 seasons and I don't remenber seeing her ever.

MK_Red4099d ago (Edited 4099d ago )

"Women bosses" Nice term.

solidt124099d ago

Man the bosses are the Shiznit.

tplarkin74099d ago

Those bosses look impressive.

Gambus Kahn4099d ago

Man, you talk about some scary girls, gezz!!!
It is a cool idea, and any less of creator would have made the same concept really chessy

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