The Sims 3 Achievements Revealed

X360A has just posted up the achievements for EA's upcoming console version of The Sims 3.

There are 50 achievements worth 1,000 points.

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Theodore874499d ago

I KNEW IT! One of em is "Make WOOHOO" lol

Blacktric4499d ago (Edited 4499d ago )

Is there a one that requires us to replace every door and window of the house with walls and also removing the bathroom?

omi25p4499d ago

i wish they would make an adult sims, so i can be a mass murderer

[email protected]4499d ago

Hmmm, most of them seem easy to accomplish it but its a sims game. I'm getting this for my PS3 :)

xXManiakMikachuXx4499d ago

Woohoo! Haha getting this for 360 :)

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The story is too old to be commented.