LittleBigPlanet 2 Trophies Revealed have just posted up the trophies for the recently delayed LittleBigPlanet 2.

The list contains 6 secret trophies, 31 bronze trophies, 7 silver trophies, 3 gold trophies and 1 platinum trophy.

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TrevorPhillips3766d ago

I've been playing this beta ever since, it's freaking fun and amazing!

Cannot wait for the full game to collect all trophies :)

Chuk_Chuk3766d ago

those trophies look time consuming, but man am i going to have fun collecting them.

-Alpha3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

But these are just ridiculous! And I thought LBP1's Play trophy was a pain :P

I'm going to have fun doing it. Very imaginative trophies.


Collecting trophies is fun too :)

SeanRL3766d ago

Just BUY the game to have fun with it! Jesus....

dragon823765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I platinumed LBP1 the first week it was out. This one looks like it should take about the same amount of time depending on how the leaderbaord trophies go. I can't wait to add this platinum to my collection.

LBP is one of my favorite games of all time!!!

FACTUAL evidence3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I platted the first LBP...And I can honestly and safely say, this plat is going to be a fuckin' bitch!!!! You would have to be hardcore for this plat.....not even the hardcore LBP players could get this one easily.

EDIT: skv007 this one is WAAAY harder than the first one.....let me name a couple....btw I also have LBP plat.

Ace of Spades
Ace 10 different Story levels in a row

Highly Rated
A level you published was positively rated by 50 unique players

50 Unqiue Players
A level you published was played by 50 unqiue players

Other wise most of the other trophies are the lbp ones that people think are hard.....this plat is harder than the first.

WildArmed3766d ago

This one doesn't look as bad as the last one imo.

But this time they included some pretty fun trophies!
Play after 9pm.
Before 9am.
I like when people are creative w/ trophies.

But the secret trophies might change how difficult this will be.

(Yes, I have the LBP plat too, it doesn't look too different from LBP2s list).

Though, acing 10 levels in a row might be the hardest thing to do.

WildArmed3765d ago

Highly Rated
A level you published was positively rated by 50 unique players

50 Unqiue Players
A level you published was played by 50 unqiue players

Those pretty much are the requirement of the first plat too.
(Be hearted by 50 different ppl etc etc)

Acing 10 levels in a row doesn't sound too hard.
But i did mention it specially in my post above.

thor3765d ago

No this is a LOT easier than the first LBP.

I have made 10 levels I think and yet I STILL only have 12 player hearts. My levels are generally well-received and some are very technically advanced.

I have a couple of levels that have over 100 plays and they have 4 star ratings, meaning that in LBP2 I would easily have had 50 positive ratings.

Ace of Spades might only require that you ace 10 levels in a row as in, they are next to each other, rather than actually aceing a level, then moving onto the next one etc. But even if it is not, I don't think it's tremendously hard.

Also there aren't any trophies that you could obtain in a "free trophies" level, I don't think anyway, which is great. There are also no trophies for hearts, so no more H4H.

versusALL3766d ago

Sounds the same as the first lbp trophies but I really don't care about trophies until I beat the game and it starts to get less fun, hopefully that won't happen

chazjamie3766d ago

the plat trophy is really hard to get in lbp. i gave up. but i am going to get them all in the 2nd

No FanS Land3766d ago

this plat seems less hard though.

dragon823765d ago

This one seems to be a little easier than LBP1. Although LBP1 was a pretty easy platinum.

DufferO83766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

A Game A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Narutodemonx3766d ago

the only trophy stopping me from getting a platinum trophy is play the game before 9am.

Petro893766d ago

It probably just reads the time from the PS3's clock.

So you could just change it to before 9AM in the settings.

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