Batman Arkham City Versus Batman Arkham Asylum: Stunning HD Screenshot comparison

GB writes: "It’s been a while since we have done screen shot comparisons here at GamingBolt, so I decided to do this exciting feature again. This time we pitch a super hero game versus another super hero game. Yes it’s time to compare the commercially and critically hit Batman Arkham Asylum and its sequel Arkham City. The 6 screens from above will compare screens from different sections from the games."

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gameseveryday3851d ago

Man this is a tough call. Not sure who is winning here. But if you guys take a closer look, Arkham City has slightly better shadow effects.

halocursed3851d ago

Apart from better character models, lighting also seems much better on Arkham City.

ATi_Elite3851d ago

very few improvements as the plastic and play-doh look of everything from the crappy Unreal Engine.

Fortunately AA and AC will have great game play.

nickjkl3851d ago

i wonder if it will use mlaa or is it to late to incorporate that into a game since it was well underdevelopment

Red_Orange_Juice3851d ago

it's just a comparision, where's the stunning part, I wasn't stunned

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3851d ago

Wat? Arkham City version looks much improved. One of the few multiplats that I'm really looking forward too.

paintsville3850d ago

Hmmm this is really close. But I agree that AC is marginally better.

avengers19783850d ago

Wow both games look fantastic. Can't wait for Arkham City. Thinking of picking Arkham Asylum up again.
Amazing job by the development team.
Wonder if they could make a good superman game, since you know no one ever has.
Or Daredevil, they should do a Daredevil game.

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Chris_TC3851d ago

Oh wow, they look darn near identical. What a surprise considering they're made for the same hardware. Moving on.

nickjkl3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )


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Bounkass3851d ago

Tough call? Batman: Arkham City by miles...

CaptainMarvelQ83851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

batman looks like he's abut to kiss gordon when you look at these two pictures together

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