Special Xbox 360 Promotion Starting Soon

Microsoft has announced that starting August 14th, and ending September 22nd, gamers will be able to get a free game with their purchase of an Xbox 360. When a system, either Core or Premium, is purchased a gamer will be able to pick from Project Gotham Racing 3, Kameo: Elements of Power, Perfect Dark Zero or Dead or Alive 4.

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Marriot VP5393d ago

Well this is a step up from only packaging one game with a sku. So MS is going to give people choice with 4 games. I like that much better than only one.

But if MS wants people in late 2007 they need a 50-100 dollar price drop.

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pRo loGic II5393d ago

Well i hope this will convince the parents of all the kids i'v been hearing at the game shops saying they wish they had an 360. 360's too exspensive, I agee with #1.

Bill Gates I Am5393d ago

I love the choice of games on this one.

I respect MS, but those choices are sh!t.

Krimson5393d ago

The first 3 games are the games MS published at launch. ie: It doesn't cost them money to package them in. DOA4 was likely chosen to target Asians.

It's not like they can just pick any game and bundle it. If they didn't publish the game then MS needs to pay the publisher for each copy sold.

Marriot VP5393d ago

well that's the thing, it doesn't cost them anything cause those titles aren't selling anything now cause their a year old almost. So expect MS to make up for that in the coming months after the sale. Lower XBL or lower console retail costs after this cycle....who knows!!!

dikturbo5393d ago

I can't see that happening. Although I didn't renew my subscription (after two years) it is worth the $50 they charge.
Lowering the service fee discredits the great work MS has done to date and would only validate SONY's 'myth' free service.
I'll take the lower unit price anyday.

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The story is too old to be commented.