Game Informer gives Lair 7.25 & 8 in September issue

Pimpinboy over at the IGN PS3 Lobby posts:

"Basic summary: The graphics and presentation are amazing, but the controls can be extremely frustrating if you don't have the patience to learn them.

I have the issue in my hands right now and will type the whole thing for you guys."

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thereapersson4075d ago

That was actually me who typed that (that's my account over at the IGN boards), but it is a legit review. I don't have a scanner so I can't scan the mag, but trust me when I say the review is real.

Satanas4075d ago

I'll have to take your word for it then mate.

TriggerHappy4075d ago

Does it have the Killzone 2 preview ?

thereapersson4075d ago

Actually a great issue! It shows the newest screenshots that we saw yesterday, and a lot of developer commentary and interview material.

larry0074074d ago

Now take that GAYGM ---a horrible mag and PSM another horrible mag run by a former EIC of OXM

LAIR looks wayyyyyyyyyy better than any GARBAGE BOX 360 game

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MK_Red4075d ago

Now this is a decent review and score. I was sick of all those anti-PS3 reviews because Lair's visuals alone warant a 6 and story, controls and other things surely deserve 1.5 to 2 combined.

This is another reason why GameInformer is the last good gaming magazine. (Never get a hellishly biased EGM)

thereapersson4075d ago

I was rather surprised to see that even though they had issues with frustrating control, they recognized other aspects of the game to be excellent and didn't knock the game down too bad for one issue.

MK_Red4075d ago

thereapersson, good point. Reviewer shouldn't kill a game because of one big problem. Other aspects deserve equal attention.

Also, awesome work and news. Thanks for the good news. I'm kind of a Lair fan and seeing it get a decent score from a good magazine was really cool.

WIIIS14075d ago

Firstly, 7.25 is not a decent review for a supposed AAA game.

Secondly, you ought to kill a game for one big problem, especially when it is related to gameplay which is what makes or breaks a game.

VirusE4074d ago

Graphics have nothing to do with the game being fun to play. I am not saying this game is bad but you cant say its good simply because the graphics are good.

Kleptic4074d ago

The real question is why do other reviews give it a ~7 while saying it has extremely intuitive controls that are easy to use after about 5 minutes...and this review give it about the same and saying the controls are beyond frustrating?

Probably shouldn't be a day 1 buy for anyone (not that it ever should have was always the controls and gameplay that had me on the fence)...the demo is what will need to convince me...

WilliamRLBaker4074d ago

lol....egm is biased? lol thats just funny.... Game informer is one of the worst magazines, never gets nearly as much interviews, and content as the other mags.

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Rythrine4075d ago

Good job, man. I just have a question because I don't read Game informer, but why is it there are two scores? There are two reviewers?

thereapersson4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Normally a main reviewer will review a game, and then there will be a little window in the bottom side of the page with a "secondary opinion", so that way readers can hear two points of view instead of one. Kind of like what EGM does, but not as large.

edit: yeah, it's like I summarized them as saying, it might take a while to learn the controls, but if you give it the time you will find yourself coming back for more.

Rythrine4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I see. Thanks for that. Can't give you anything else but +rep.

Back to topic. It's good to hear that it got a high grade. I still wish you can fly the dragon with analog controls though. That could've bumped up the score to maybe 8.5-9 since that's GI's gripe about it. I'm still getting it regardless. Too good to pass up.

Edit: Yup, "practice makes perfect". That's what I did for warhawk though I still sucked in dogfights, but at least I got the hang of it.

krackchap4075d ago

when a good review comes out all xbots say that the source isnt credible,when a bad review comes out xbots are happy and we say the sites aren't credible.
its a joke
if you like dragons then buy it,if you dont and still own a ps3 there is no harm in trying it out before buyinf(demo kiosks,rent,friends place)
game informer is a much credible and better source than EGm or play.

achira4075d ago

this game is already bought.