GC 2007: New MGS4 trailer crashes at Konami press conference

IGN: "Then, the sound started -- an echoing loop of gunshot noises and ambient action -- and everyone knew something was wrong. Some people scrambled, some tried to ignore it, but eventually the mucked-up sound ended the trailer before anything new was shown. Instead, the room just saw the same ol' soldiers fall to the ground and begin writhing in pain before the lights came back on.

Kojima shrugged, went on with his presentation and hinted that he had a special guest from Japan for tomorrow's Metal Gear Solid 4 conference. Hopefully, he'll have a cooperating trailer as well."

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SuperSaiyan44166d ago

Wonder why it did that, at least it didnt get to Kojima and just carried on, that must have been really embarrasing though.

Satanas4166d ago

I wonder if this trailer is the one that introduced the 4 new bosses? If so, then they have shown it by this time. Still an interesting event.

Bathyj4166d ago

Do they mean there is another trailer besides the one I just watched?
Man that was cool. The animation of the solders walking the street was eerily realistic. This game cannot come soon enough. Mart himself will get a PS3.

Satanas4166d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

I think it was the same 4 boss trailer. It was just shown again at the conference too.

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