GC 2007: Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo - The Battle of the Stands

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have things to shout about at this year's Leipzig Game Convention but which of the big three console makers is making the most noise on the showfloor?

Who has the most over-the-top displays, the most tantalising line-up of games, the most outlandish props and, of course, the most loveliest ladies? Games Radar scouted each of the respective stands to find out how they shape up against one another in the mighty Battle of the Stands.

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akaFullMetal4074d ago

so microsoft didnt look that well, the wii did second best, and the ps3 did the best, but all in all i guess who cares, its the games that matter to us

ericnellie4074d ago

It would have been crazy to combine the 360 and the PS3 stands. Could you imagine playing heavenly sword on a beach while sitting on those leather sofas and enjoying a cold pint;)

beans4074d ago

Why must we compare everything lol? I have a feeling that one day this crap is going to fade away like racism and only have a few people fighting over which console is better! Just show some games already and move on with the show for crying out loud!

icechai4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

nah, comparing commercial companies is good, it increases competition. If we never compared things, Madden 2020 would be running at 30 fps on the PS5 while Xbox1080's would run at 200 fps (yeah by 2020 we would have adapted to notice the difference between 60 fps and 200 fps)

ItsDubC4074d ago

"Plus, they're always on hand to make sure you've got the Wii controller's strap on properly, which means bodily contact is a dead cert."

From the pics shown, I do think Sony had the best showfloor in terms of styling and execution. As stated above however, the games are what matter most.

Silver3604074d ago

Some corporate mouthpiece's idea of good taste.