GCDC Trailer Blowout (Two Worlds official intro trailer and more)

While GamerSquad does love you, there's no avoiding overt laziness when the sun is beating down and/or BioShock is calling from the across the office. So, bearing those factors in mind, grab a flask of coffee and a bucket of popcorn and dig in for the duration – here's a truly massive one-stop instalment of Trailer Park in order to sate your GCDC appetite.

Check below for brand new Leipzig footage for Two Worlds, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Heavenly Sword, World in Conflict, Spore, Sonic Rush Adventure, Quake Wars, Ninja Town, Rockstar Presents Table Tennis Wii, Sabotage, Prototype, Rock Band, and many more…


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SuperSaiyan44076d ago

For PC and 360 only can't wait! Wow so we got 2 top games out tomorrow and another one next Friday I love the 360!