IGN: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Video Preview

"We spend some time with the full multiplayer suite a week before release - and chime in the 'Opposing Force.'"

kaveti66164625d ago

It looks like COD to me. How can someone make a game that's just a copy of an existing game? That's like if I wrote a Harry Potter knock-off and tried to sell it with a straight face to the general public. No one should buy a clone game.

Neckbear4625d ago

Halo invented First Person Shooters, not Call of Duty.

dooge4625d ago

A little gamed called Goldeneye says hello.

TheIneffableBob4625d ago

If we're talking about the game that invented the first-person shooter genre, that would be Maze War.

If we're talking about the game that made the genre mainstream, that would be Wolfenstein 3D.

electricshadow4625d ago

HALO invented First Person Shooters?! LOL! Oh wow, thanks for the laugh there, buddy.

Redrum0594625d ago

i dont care what ppl say, im still getting this game. the environment graphics look better than the COD games. im still getting black ops. just not day1.

blackbeld4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

Wolfvenstein invented FPS.

SpitFireAce854625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

Halo invented First Person Shooters you must be
12 or something...LMFAO

SexyPrawns4625d ago


How did you guys not get the joke?!?

He was kidding when he said Call of Duty invented the FPS.
He was kidding when he said Halo invented the FPS.
He was kidding when he said Goldeneye invented the FPS.

How dumb are you people?

Imperator4625d ago

Most people who own a 360 are little kids who are on this first generation of gaming. They also probably think the 360 invented gaming, lol. So ignorant.

Neckbear4625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

People don't understand such an obvious joke?

...What's even worse is fanboys eating it up.

C'mon, bros. This is seriously a total "Hurr durr".

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Shackdaddy8364625d ago

Well, its just like how CoD copied MoH before it...

The gaming circle of life...

BubbleSystemSuck4625d ago

more game to play online with my friends... Badco2 vitnam, fifa11, this... DeadRising2...

Thepro3184625d ago

i see sum COD elements but u really cant call it COD knockoff this game main modes in mulitplayer are objective based

xYLeinen4625d ago

Try to actually get you head inside the development of a game and figure out where they get all their art, references, concept and inspiration and you will shortly figure out what directing they take their games in. This is game is not MW2 and it does not reflect a bit of a MW2 game. Sure it's the Modern War era, but that's it.

fcpthebest4625d ago

Just because it looks like COD doenst make it a bad game. :)

Anyways I´ll stick to COD, the gameplay is much better, 60 fps ftw.
Must admit I still liked the beta.

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Shackdaddy8364625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

I think its looking pretty good. Everything looks tidied up and all the problems appear to be gone.

On a side note, I just heard a podcast with a MoH employee that all consoles will get dedicated servers on this game(it will be slightly more simplified than PC but it will still be there) so if any console people wanted to know..... I dont play console so IDK if thats a common thing or something new.....

RememberThe3574625d ago

If DICE can turn that crapfest beta into this then they really are a top tier dev. This game looks freakin great!

Shackdaddy8364625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

I think this has two week old programming. I know the beta coming up does at least.

RememberThe3574625d ago

Would you happen to know how I could get into that beta?

evrfighter4625d ago

just need a pc able to run it.

RememberThe3574625d ago (Edited 4625d ago )

This was on the PC, DUH! I got my hopes up and everything. I was hoping this was running on consoles. OK this sucks now I almost know that the graphics are going to blow on the consoles. The Frostbite engine looks like crap on consoles.

Hairy Chewie4625d ago

It was created for consoles (BBC1) so it can't look that bad. I couldn't tell the difference anyway... It'd be like spotting the difference between a bird and a duck for me. (yes, I know a duck is a bird if anyone felt like pointing it out)

internalbit4625d ago

it was on ps3, didn't anyone see the trophy

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the_hitman30004625d ago

This is on Ps3 when he needed to reload it showed a Square not a keypad

Highly-Strung4625d ago

i think, Dice: Battlefield Bad company 2 better than this.

HOSe4625d ago

so 8 maps in the retail version? hahahahahhahaha wow what a world we live in. pass

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