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After a steady rise in quality over the last few years, FIFA 10 added yet more welcome new features and game modes while refining the core gameplay. It's a tough act to follow for FIFA 11, but thanks to more realistic gameplay, new game modes, and more features, this is the best and most comprehensive FIFA game yet. The main improvements are refinements to the gameplay, rather than revolutionary new game modes as we've seen in previous years, but they're significant enough to make EA Sports' latest offering well worth the upgrade.

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GOODKyle4502d ago

everything is pretty much the same....I call bs on the improved "everything".

-Alpha4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

It's a sports game, they aren't going to overhaul the system, just refine the system. The only "sports" franchise that needs an overhaul are the terrible Smackdown games.

FIFA is a solid franchise. I love this game at my friend's house, I've always wanted a sports game. Sigh, so many games.

BYE4502d ago

"It's a sports game, they aren't going to overhaul the system"

Because it's EA. The PES team did overhaul their system, that's why they win this year.

I agree Fifa is a solid franchise, but that isn't gonna help when it's the same since 2009. Especially when competition isn't sleeping anymore.

tatotiburon4502d ago

the pes team overhaul their system because previous pes were absoluty CRAP!! pes 2011 is only a fixed version of pure CRAP!...Fifa 9 and 10 were amazing and now Fifa 11 it's even better

turok4502d ago

ur forgetting the sarcasm tag "/s"

FIFA>PES for 2011 this time on pc as well as consoles.

xTalibanana4502d ago

Gamespot, where epic games like Lord Of Shadows get 7.5 and yearly updates to a soccer game get 9.

You should not visit these large game sites if you want to see a end to the complete and utter madness.

GOODKyle4502d ago may just be up your alley then!

mastiffchild4502d ago

In fairness Fifa has been getting great scores around the webs-large and small sites alike giving it tons of praise and it so deserves it-they worked wonders over the last four years making it not only pass PES but also taking the football sim further than ever before.

Sports games rarely feature in end of year polls or GOTY voting but last time out Fifa got voted to number five in OPMUK by gamers so blaming GS isn't really fair as sometimes a sports game can just be a very good product. To be really honest I've always been an advocate of sports games being forced to only release every other year with, say, paid for DLC/disc((£15 or so) on the off year for kit and squad and comp updates. That would give them more time for true gameplay innovation and be a lot fairer on gamers all round and the reduction in work would mean about the same profit.

NBT914501d ago

Yep pretty much hit it there, i'm not a massive football fan, I just like it and that's about as far as it goes. So I have not played since FIFA 97 on the PS1, and now I can really see why this game gets so much praise.
The amount of customization, and sheer value you get is insane.
I created a pro player, which has my own face, the commentator even says my 2nd name when I get the ball XD and I have Jackson 5 playing if I score as him.

That's before you get into the excellent online mode (which now supports 11v11), manager mode, career and so much more. Of course there is also the immense fun of inviting some friends round for some multiplayer, that just never gets old.

I think if you have any interest in football at all and haven't played FIFA 10, you should play this one.

Nate-Dog4501d ago

But FIFA hasn't surpassed PES because of any brilliance from EA, they surpassed PES because Konami lost their way with the title when they had just hit their peak which enabled FIFA to take the lead. Konami were putting massive work into the likes of MGS4 and the portable MGS games, and Castlevanian games, and the PES Konami team just dropped their quality an incredible level. Even to this day I'd say that PES 3 or 4 is the best footballing sim I've ever played, for pure gameplay, fun, and realism (taking into account everything including the time we were at).

I've gotten almost all Fifa games myself since about 1998 but I don't get it because it's magnificent and because it's bigger and better every year, I get it because there's nothing out there that even comes close to challenging it at the moment and it's a huge disappointment, because EA know they don't have to make much of an effort anymore.

Mr Patriot4502d ago

cos my last fifa game was fifa 08 , so its been 2 years :)

Leviathon64254502d ago

how does fifa 11 console version compare to pc? i want to get pc one but if they f up the pc version again this year im going to have settle for consoles or pes 11 for pc

mastiffchild4502d ago

I'd always go console for Fifa or PES anyway mate. Tends to be more reliable in my experience and is one area where the best players tend to be on console as well with a pad always the best controller for the job and, for me, a dualshock being the ultimate. Last few years, as well, the online, for whatever reason, just hasn't worked as well on PC. It6's been a long time since I put any time into either on PC ands I've gfone with PS3 for fifa again this year-hurts as I'm totally a PES man at heart but EA deserve a lot of props for the amazing job they've done and I can only hope Shingo finds a way to truly compete soon.

turok4502d ago

if ya played fifa 10 on ps3/360 then that is wut u will expect on fifa 11 pc but slightly tweaked.

dmc-run4502d ago (Edited 4502d ago )

I havent bought a FIFA game since 2008

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