Best Buy Sells Free PS3 Upgrades

In what can only be described as a new low, Best Buy has decided to take advantage of uneducated PS3 consumers. They are now in the business of selling firmware upgrades to their clients, which unless something changed recently are free for anyone with a wifi connection and take little to no effort.

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taz80804808d ago

what next? charge people for free demos?! shame on you Best Buy!

BryanBegins4808d ago

I'm surprised Best Buy came up with this idea before GameStop.

taz80804808d ago

lol bubbles for you. ZING!

BulletToothtony4808d ago

i think they take the "Buy" on their name a bit too seriously

hikayu4808d ago

i kinda expected this from bestbuy more than gamestop . after all , they did try to charge 150$ to set up ps3s . i wonder if any1 even by that ...

but then again , it's their own fault .

UnwanteDreamz4808d ago

The uneducated are often targets of this sort of thing.

SeNiLe9114808d ago

I just had my PS3 upgraded and it runs buttery smooth now! Thanks Best Buy!!!


Christopher4808d ago

Best Buy has been doing this for ages. If you buy a PC from them, they offer a service to update the OS and Office software with all the various patches for $50 or something similar.

Dom63904808d ago

isn't this just for people without an internet connection to get their system updated?

-Alpha4808d ago

This is fraudulent, I wonder how they get away with it.

DaTruth4808d ago

Charging someone for a free service is definitely not the "Best buy".

I like Sony's buy where I get it for free!

Ri0tSquad4808d ago

Did you guys forget this?


Or this...


I'm not surprised at all.

Hideo_Kojima4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

Wasn't it Best Buy that asked for $150 to connect your PS3 to your TV for you?

Edit: Oh link above by Ri0tSquad shows what I was talking about but it was $130 not £150.

Still the biggest scam of its kind I have seen.

I mean you could simply follow the instructions and get it over and done with in an hour MAX.

MuleKick4807d ago

Okay, I know this makes for a good story but it's total BS. You also get a DS3 and a Greatest Hits game.
Come on dualshockers, what else will you do for hits???
I actually respected you guys before this.

RedDragan4807d ago

This sort of thing is illegal in europe, that is, selling a usually free product licenced to be distrubuted by somebody else for a fee.

It's about time you folks started standing up to the corps, they are not that powerful. This whole idea that they are controlling the senators is hash, you... the voter, is what the senator will listen to.

You just need to ask around the net about how to get something viral, because this sort of practice would never be allowed to happen over here. Your country needs to get a grip and put those corps in check... use your vote as a weapon!

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kaveti66164808d ago

What was your previous account, number47?

Scotland-The-Brave4808d ago

what was yours kaveti6616? does it end in 15?
@UnSelf- lol

kaveti66164808d ago

kaveti6616 is my one and only account, but I'm confident that Number47 is a multi-accounter, as he's been referencing stuff that happened on this site years ago yet only joined a few months ago according to his profile.

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Yokan4808d ago

@ senile
Nice, made my day.

You Already Know4808d ago

not everyone has internet believe it or not...

I've often considered not having internet anymore...

DaTruth4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

They have them on the disk when you buy a game! Like PSP!

Some games like Uncharted 2 actually require a firmware update!

elmaton984808d ago

Internet is getting expencier with each passing day but still you get more for your buck ( 30 mbps for 70$ alone)

You Already Know4807d ago

yeah, but there are still people who only buy 2-3 games a year....I went almost 10 years with a 2-3 game rotation every year....

now I have about 10 or more...

but a lot of people only buy a few games and don't even sign on to the internet with their PS3...

I know someone who had to bring his PS3 over to my spot so it would get the latest FW upgrade...it happens..

gamingdroid4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

Although I'm against this. Let's face it, information is power in this day and age. If you are un-informed you get taken advantage of almost every day.

Lawyers do it to us regular people all the time!

In reality, Best Buy is technically performing a service for you. It's like doing your taxes, you can pay someone to do it for you or you can do it yourself as the forms are all free!

DaTruth4808d ago

Being your own lawyer and doing your own taxes are considered difficult and come with extreme consequences if you fu(k up!

updates are easy and are impossible to fu(k up!

elmaton984808d ago

"Eliminate all bug and glitches" and "play all blue-ray and movies" sure that a good ad but pay extra for an fw update that crossingthe line but this is America gotta pay for every little thing

Dacapn4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

I think most of you have it misunderstood. Best Buy will upgrade your PS3 for you for a price of course. This is for people don't have an internet connection or people who just can't figure out technology in general.

Edit: Didn't see your post gamingdroid, but you're right. There is always someone in the world that needs a service, and there will be someone in the world to provide that service. Whether people choose to believe it or not, Best Buy isn't a non-profit organization.

Scotland-The-Brave4808d ago

non profit organisation?
you on crack?

gamingdroid4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

Dacapn said: "Best Buy ISN'T a non-profit organization."

If you perform a service somebody else isn't willing to do, I see no problem with it no matter how trivial it is.