FIFA 08: 5 vs. 5 Region Specific

Australian website Gameplayer got word this morning from EA that this exciting new FIFA 08 feature will be region specific - Aussies for one will miss out.

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2tea4100d ago

Australia miss out on everything PS3s cost $999 and now we have to pay $120 on a game with missing features give australia a break

b777conehead4100d ago

seems ea likes to stay in the spotlight negatively

CRIMS0N_W0LF4099d ago

Pro Evo 6 has 4 vs 4.

Oh wanna be Pro Evo. Stick Fifa and Madden up your bottom ! Why Americans call it Football when they rarely use "Foot"!?

Meus Renaissance4099d ago

That's disappointing. I wanted to play against some Americans :( Nevermind. I'll make a US account and play it on that :)

SlappingOysters4099d ago

I wonder if it is a matter of network speed. Perhaps Europe and the States are the only regions with a consistently high enough network speed to maintain 5 vs. 5 - I know the speed in Australia is a snail's pace compared to other regions.