Armored Core to be ready by PS3 Launch or shortly after

The Latest issue of Famitsu Magazine Drops some interesting tidbits on Armored Core 4, A game thats developed by japanese developer From Software, The Game Is currently In works for both the Xbox 360 and Ps3, Though only the PS3 has a release schedule, being the launch of the ps3's japan release. The article talks about the game play mechanics and a brief story backdrop.

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specialguest5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

the Armored Core series is my favorite mech game. I'm looking forward to this one. they BETTER have online battles if they know what's good for them.

wouldn't it be cool if there was a way for 360 players to battle PS3 players for most multi-platform games. Team MS vs Team Sony!

BIadestarX5394d ago (Edited 5394d ago )

"wouldn't it be cool if there was a way for 360 players to battle PS3 players for most multi-platform games. Team MS vs Team Sony!" I wish... but there is one little problem. There is no PS online service. We don’t even know what it looks like or what features it will have. Sony should just license Live Everywhere.

5394d ago
Balance5394d ago

agreed, at least we know the 360 version will definitly have online battles.

ACE5394d ago

a bird told me sony anit got one YET ....

as for free lol , the sony fans are funny free= crap ... this is fact

Watapata5394d ago

Linux in general shares a number of advantages over Windows and in general is free...Firefox is a better web browser than Internet Explorer and too is're statement doesn't seem to hold any weight...

Silent5394d ago

While back Sony had said that the Sony Online will be ready on October or by launch.

zypher5394d ago

okay, so since From Software has said nothing about the 360's release date, 360 fanboys wanna start harping about PS3 SUPPOSED lack of online play. well, word from the grape-vine is that PS3's online will be in league with Live...and this comes from more than just Sony. in any event, Armored Core 4 looks terrific. unlike Chromehounds--which relies solely on online-functionality to be enjoyable--the Armored Core series has always prided itself on a solid, enjoyable single-player mode. if it is indeed a PS3 launch game it'll be one of the one's i get.

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